How to be great!

my dad

The late and great Gerry German

My dad would have been 91 years old today, had he not gone to meet his maker on 3rd May 2012!  He was an inspiring man and I was blessed that he was my dad!  An educator, pacifist, conscientious objector and fighter, he was the Rottweiler dressed in sheep’s clothing!  Heaven forbid you should come up against him in a tribunal if he was defending some child or teen’s education, and yes his bite was as bad as his bark!

He was also a charming man, charismatic, a performer and singer, with the most beautiful tenor voice that belted out Jamaican folk songs or opera with ease.  Handsome was he, as can be seen in photos throughout his life and his beauty was his strength and courage and his conviction that he was born to do the right thing.

As today would have been his day – if he hadn’t been working a 60 hour week which probably led him earlier to his end – I dedicate these tips to us all, to find the best in ourselves and to be great at this thing called life – just like my dad!

  • Believe in yourself!  Dad didn’t allow doubts to define him and he surrounded himself with people who recognised his strengths and supported him effortlessly.
  • Do the right thing!  Dad would face up to anyone, anytime.  If he was afraid, he didn’t show it but he knew he had to speak up if something was wrong.
  • Work hard!  No-one will put in what’s needed to make your life great except you!  Do what’s needed and do your best.
  • Make your life worth something!  At every moment of dad’s long and happy life, everything he did had meaning.  As a father he led by example; as an educator he looked for the best in you; as a husband I imagine he was hard work, LOL!
  • Don’t stop working!  Retirement was just a word and when the full time employment with a contract came to an end, dad did something else.  He started a charity which allowed thousands of kids and adolescents across the country get help when they needed it.
  • Don’t worry about the money!  Dad was extremely generous, he would give as if he were the richest man we knew!  And he was rich – in spirit – incredibly so.
  • Have fun!  Dad was a charmer and knew how to give people the time of their lives.  He would light up any room and he was friendly to strangers.  He said hello to everyone who crossed his path and he always had a smile for the underdog to lift their spirit.
  • What will you die for?  If it’s believing in a better world where children enjoy their right to an education, then know that you’re here to serve your community and get on with it!

We all have a purpose and sometimes it might look a bit blurry.  Maybe our purpose is to just be happy!  Dad was a happy man and that came across in all that he did.  What he spent his life doing was serving those around him, maybe the secret’s in that.  Happy birthday dad!

Give and you shall receive!”


Another year wiser as my dad used to say!

My 21st

Celebrating my 21st with nearly all my family! Dad missing!

So I’ve had my feet in plastic bags filled with onions and covered by socks on this the eve of my 57th birthday!  And I think my dear mother is right, as usual, and it seems to have shifted some of the phlegm!  That’s right, I’ve been in bed all week with a horrible cough and feeling like poop so I elected to spend most of the past few days there and what does one do at a time like this?

Looking at old photos I’m amazed I am where I am today!  Doing a job I love, living on a beautiful island where I feel safe, being able to choose to stay indoors when I’m not feeling 100% and surrounded by wonderful family and friends, near and far!  I have two amazing sons of whom I am very proud and I love that their dad, my ex partner, and I have such a good relationship with each other that the young men who are able to shine for themselves.

The above photo shows me at 21 and what a party that was!  I was living with a crazy Aussi woman who was a singer – she was crazy in the way that she didn’t give a fig of what other people thought – a perfect role model!  She was also a part-time waitress at that awful St Trinians type of place the hooray henrys used to go to in the 80s, where she’d get to whip them dressed in a short skirt and stockings because she played the headmistress!  She was a great flat mate and we threw my 21st at her boyfriend’s flat down the road!  Kelly and Rowland, I wish I remembered their surnames so I could look for them on FB!  All the sibs are in the photo along with mum but I don’t remember where my dad was, I’m sure he must have been there – anyone, big sis?!

I would invite mum and dad to all my parties as they were so much fun and my friends loved seeing them too!  Of course living here since 1992 I only spent the ’95 birthday in the UK with first born as a baby.  My first birthday here in Mallorca, 1993, was an absolute blast, surely Xenia Fernadez Chavarria remembers introducing us to the game of the pencil, string and bottle – that went on for hours, hilarious!  Actually, I had been on the island for just 2 and a bit months and managed to have the best party.  The cake I got – can’t remember if I baked it but I certainly decorated it – had birthday candles to blow out and so I did, along with the cocoa powder sprinkled all over it because the candles were those ones that didn’t blow out and what with the lights off, I didn’t realise how much cocoa powder was going everywhere!

I’ve had birthday parities at a finca on the top of a mountain overlooking Binissalem, in a  friend’s villa near Campos, overlooking the beach at La Victoria with just a couple of friends and even in a disappointing Italian restaurant in a mountain top village!  Early birthdays include The Hostal in Algaida when that was a main thoroughfare and we considered ourselves daring for venturing out of Palma!!  Coming up to my 57th year I think tomorrow will be a sombre affair.  I had wanted to go for high tea in Pollensa at some fancy new place but that will have to hold for another day.  Having a birthday so close to Christmas, New Year, Three Kings and tucked in between Sant Antoni is not the best time and this year I really might stick to my word and celebrate it on the 10th July!

So if I’m 57, that means brother Deuan is up for his 60th this May and the oldest of the family is going to be 66 and is looking good!  In fact, we’re all doing well and I think it’s time we had a family get together with all the sibs together.  So if you want to know what to get me for my birthday…. sibs, let’s do it!

I have to say a special happy birthday to my special friend Guy – we share the same day and of course, he’s cool like me!  Happy birthday to any other Cappy people out there too!



Baby naming ceremonies – what are they?


It’s Christmas and it’s raining babies!  Four  of my past couples have just had their own in the past two weeks and a few more are awaiting their own and I would so love to do their naming ceremonies as this is one ceremony that really does have us all crying with joy!  Here’s a quick blog to explain exactly what a baby naming and blessing ceremony is!

In place of a formal, religious service, this type of ceremony is the perfect way to welcome baby into your community.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to gather your extended family, friends, neighbours and perhaps your work colleagues and allow them to meet your new born baby and to help bless baby for a good and happy life!  Such a ceremony can be with all those mentioned above or maybe just you, the proud and happy parents in a more intimate setting!

Such a ceremony can be done anywhere, anytime and anyhow!  You could have it in your garden during the warm days of spring or a hot summer’s day.  Or you can hold it in a quiet corner of your favourite park.  If the weather isn’t on your side, then you could have your ceremony indoors at a community centre or village hall or you could ask your favourite tea room to rent you some of their space instead.  Wherever you decide to hold your ceremony will depend on how many you wish to invite.  The ceremony itself will last as long as you want it to, but the event you arrange around it could be for morning or afternoon tea or a buffet lunch.

The ceremony is the perfect moment to present your baby to those who are important to you.  As parents, you will be able to explain why you have chosen your baby’s name and what it means.  You will also reflect upon your roles as parents and perhaps make promises to your baby and to each other.  If you decide to invite family members or friends to play a role in the upbringing of your baby, traditionally these were known as God parents, there is space within the ceremony to have their roles explained and ask for their promises and commitments to be acknowledged.

A baby blessing is especially significant when the grandparents are present and perhaps they can be called upon to share their own jewels of wisdom with the new parents as well as make their own promises to their grandchild.  They say it takes a village to raise a child and the rest of the guests might also join in with their blessings and commitment to do their best for this new member of their community.

Along with readings and spoken words, there is also a space for music, be it performed by guests or played through a speaker.  Guests can join in if you so desire, a good singalong is always lots of fun.  Gifting baby with special wishes is also a fine way to welcome baby and this can be done creatively.  Before the ceremony begins, why not ask guests to decorate stones and pebbles you’ve provided with coloured paints.  Or invite guests to write down their special wishes for baby’s life ahead.  Then at one point during the ceremony, these can be gifted to baby and everyone gets to share their blessings too.

Whatever you decide to incorporate into your baby blessing ceremony, your celebrant – hopefully me – will be there to guide you!  Whilst I haven’t done as many baby naming ceremonies as I have done weddings, the ones I have done have been truly special.  After all, every new born brings a message of hope, love, unity and joy!  Why not contact me today to find out more!


(Photo: thank you to these parents for allowing me to be part of their special day, the baby naming and blessing ceremony of their new born son)

TV as entertainment?


Camera man at the ready

I was approached just the other day which already seems a life time away by Spanish tv who were looking to interview a Brit who would defend the British problem to do with the issue of drunk youngsters on holiday in Magaluf!  Being a yes of course type of woman, I said, yes of course, to be the British guest on the late night show, Hechos Reales!

Whilst I don’t make a habit of watching depressing tv and by that I mean the type of television that sets out to incite, ridicule, perhaps insult, titillate, and generally depress the hell out of me!  I’d rather watch some American blockbuster for that!  But I said yes and in my ego filled mind, I had the cunning thought that maybe (please remember that word), maybe, I could plant some seeds of peace and not sow discord!

I should have known from the first call from the charming producer that this was perhaps not my type of tele!  His questions had me confused from the get go about the very serious issue of the young British tourists coming on holiday to Magaluf and spending their time drunk as skunks!  Of course there’s a problem and it’s not just in Magaluf!  I seemed to pass the first test, although I do suspect that they were desperate to find anyone by then as recording was just a few hours away!

I agreed that the technical team would show up at my home just before midnight and that the segment of the show was going to between sometime between half midnight and 0130 – okay, I can do this I thought!  Deep down, I began to look for the nice, peaceful, calm Glynis inside as I wanted her with me when I faced the debating team – an us and them situation seemed to be emerging from the comments and was it going to be them on one side and me defending the Brits, whatever the hell that meant!

Now mobile phone cover in my house in not the best as the walls are a terrace house of some 100 years of age – yes, it frustrates the hell out of me which is why you don’t get me on my mobile much in the winter!  However, being tv and all that, connection was made and I was soon put on to someone on the production team sitting in the control room in Madrid!

“So Glynis, do you blame the hoteliers for the problem?”  Hmmm, no, it’s not that simple or we would have found a solution already!

“I don’t blame anyone, it’s a collective responsibility” I said.  “We have a serious problem on our hands and as we invited alcohol to the party, with him as the main VIP guest, we have serious issues to deal with and it’s not just in Magaluf”  I added.  I was told it didn’t matter about the other places, we were there to talk about Magaluf!  “But there is another whole lot of beautiful tourism taking place in Mallorca and the media only like to concentrate on the negative, look at the words you’ve used in the title of your programme” I insisted “salvaje – wild, savage is what you’re calling it!”  Stay on track I was told, this debate is about Magaluf!

I wish I had also pointed out that there are families this summer whose lives have been destroyed by the deaths of their children and loved ones from alcohol induced accidents!  This was not touched upon in the programme of course.  The same families who might just be a little angry with duty free for selling alcohol so freely at the airport of departure; with the airlines and tour operators for not doing enough to stop the drinking before they get to their destination and with the all inclusive hotel deals allowing alcohol to be available all day, every day – never mind the bars selling cheap alcohol to anyone who comes by!  I also imagine that these same families have been very grateful to the care and professionalism shown by the Spanish emergency services and hospitals as well as the local funeral directors charged with helping them arrange for their loved ones to be taken home.

I didn’t get my chance to say anything on the show in the end, which, whilst showing that young drunk Brits in Magaluf is a serious issue for us all to be worried about, failed to make it a serious debate on what we should really be doing and not just in Magaluf but most of Europe.  That type of television is not there to make a difference, it seems.

Finally, after over an hour of waiting to appear on the show, the little voice in the control room apologised and said that the connection wasn’t good enough, so I wasn’t going to be needed after all.  Personally, I think I just wasn’t British enough for them – whatever that means!




Keep moving

Photo Santiago Stankovic

Photo Santiago Stankovic

One of the guarantees in this crazy world is that changes are coming faster than ever before and nothing will stay the same!  For me, living in my paradise bubble that is Mallorca, this has meant embracing the new and dealing with the unexpected feelings that come with that.  Feelings that veer from ecstasy and excitement, to oh dear – what I have got myself into this time!!

One new venture is that I am back at Mallorca Sunshine Radio with a slightly tweeked weekly show, Just Glynis, where I’ve had some awesome, interesting guests so far.  One thing they’ve had in common is their quest for making this world a better place, be it through artistic endeavour, human rights activism, holistic therapies or using compassion as their day to day tool.

I had the pleasure to meet with a dozen Syrian artists who brought me to my knees in awe with their determination to be remembered as dancers and artists first and not as refugees or migrants as the defining label in their new setting, having fled from their beloved Syria in search of peace.

Now in exile in Europe, they were in Mallorca as part of the Voices of Damascus project, bringing together different artistic forms and cultures.  Mohammed Diban, founder of the Harake Dance Company, worked with Andrea Cruz, a Chilean dancer and choreographer based in Mallorca, on the piece which was then shown for the first time at IncArt festival.  Alongside Harake Dance Company were the boys from War & Peace, three young male hip hop dancers with an energy that brought people so much joy when they performed on the streets of Inca during the festival.

With them was the artist Fadi Yazigi who chose to stay on in Damascus when war broke out and pursue his art, not the easiest thing to do.  He explained about the collective memory loss amongst the people who are still there, along with the difficulties in getting materials for his work and the fact that his art is what he needs to be able to keep in balance and to keep going.  The work he was able to bring with him to exhibit here in Mallorca was the work of eleven Syrian artists who have not been able to show their art since the war started in 2011.  Amongst these artists were those established before the war started and newer, emerging artists, all needing an audience.

This week I shall be interviewing representatives from ProActiva Open Arms, an NGO working tirelessly to save migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.  They’ll be on the show talking about their work in sea rescue and all that they’ve learned since September 2015 when it took one professional lifeguard from Badalona Catalunya to go to Lesbos to see what he could do.  Since then, they have rescued just under 60,000 people fleeing war and persecution to cross into Europe where I hope they can find the peace they so desperately seek.  Also with ProActiva Open Arms on the show, local theatre company Migrants will be talking about their new show, Frontera (borders) which will be performed on 21st June in the Bellver Castle in Palma and which will raise funds for the NGO.  I was lucky to sit in on a rehearsal of the play this week which uses physical theatre and imagery to portray what happens to memory on this journey called life.  Please support Migrants by going to see their performance and in turn you’ll be supporting ProActiva Open Arms be able to continue with their work.

If you’re in Berlin, check out both Harake Dance Company and War & Peace and enjoy the energy of these young dancers.  Above all, be grateful for all that you have if you hold a European passport and enjoy employment, a home and food on your table.  We have so much we take for granted, so please, in honour of our brothers and sisters who have nothing, let’s make the most of our lives and appreciate family, be generous by sharing what we have and love everyone, ourselves included, in acceptance and peace.  It’ll be over before you know it!

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Thoughts of the unknown


Will you open the door?

The sudden death of a loved one can bring up many feelings, from bewilderment, shock, a certain anger at the world, an immense sadness and perhaps confusion.  A whole range of feelings – some comfortable and some not so.  Death is a mystery, no-one knows what’s next, but life is the greatest gift we have.

With the passing of a loved one, we have their legacy, their gift to us.  From that we can work through the array of feelings that come up and open ourselves to them to be able to heal what needs to be healed.  Perhaps we hadn’t spoken with the deceased recently as we may have intended to, putting it off with more than one excuse for our busy lives; or perhaps we’d said something that came out wrong or maybe they even said something in a grumpy tone that we may have taken to heart.

Whatever ifs and maybes, we should all remember that we are human after all and the perfection of life is to be found in its imperfections.  Death will come to us all and life is where we get to practise all the things we want to say before it’s too late.  Our loved ones will want us to smile as much as we can, today and every day.  Our feelings don’t kill us so perhaps we can choose to remember our loved ones pottering about in their daily lives as they used to.

Hopefully this quote by Indian poet and writer Sanober Khan can help us understand: “whatever you do, be gentle with yourself.  You don’t just live in this world or your home or your skin. You also live in someone’s eyes.”

Be gentle with yourselves at this time.

Reality – ugly truth or sad fact?


If you read my blog last week and if you believed I had dinner with Robert de Niro then I apologise if my attempt at wit got misdirected!  I wrote my blog after a bout of flu and I can only blame delirium for that post!

However, I do believe in the power of thought and attraction so I am not giving up on having a tête-à-tête with Mr Dinero as I do believe it’s worth me giving it a shot to try and get through to him on a sore point!

Because of my blog post, I discovered that Mr D and other gazillionaires of his ilk are wanting to provide a luxurious getaway for other rich buddies on the beautiful island of Barbuda.  I also discovered that land in Barbuda has always been held in common by the people and has never been up for grabs, till now!  What a disappointment this news was to me.  Once again, I was confused and devastated to see how the rich want it all!  They want it now and with no concern of the right thing, seeming to poop on others less fortunate than themselves!  With arguments dressing it up as jobs for the locals , doing the local economy good yawn, the rich get everywhere and just want to take take take!  And to what end?  In my opinion, albeit just an opinion, God forbid their final moments on earth,  Those moments when the DVD of our lives is thrust in front of our eyes and when we have to look at all the messy things that we did with our lives.  This goes for all of us, no exceptions!

I try hard, sometimes harder, sometimes not, but I try hard every day to be a better person.  I have warts and all and that better person inside does daily battle with the voices in her head telling her she’s too this and not enough of that.  But I do daily battle and most often I tell the voices that Glynny is not a bad ‘un after all and I do admire the little bit she does for her part on the planet!  It’s not a lot but it’s my lot and I try not to do damage on others although each day, more realisation of my consumerism habits does bother me – where has it come from and who suffered to get it to me!!  Oh, and I can try a lot harder believe you me!

So Mr De Niro and to all other wealthy people of your kind, you know the ones I mean – wanting luxury at the expense of others – please call and let’s meet.  From a spiritual perspective I have a message or two.  One, you cannot take it with you!  There is no way you’ll get to say at the very end, hang on, let me pack my wealth please!  And two, you will have to answer for everything you did with your life especially how it affected the lives of others.  There are 1,800 Barbudians facing not only a loss of land but a loss of tradition and community and all because you and your buddies want a new playground.  You are not bad people, none of us are, but we cannot live in more than one home; we cannot drive more than one car; we cannot dress ourselves in more than one outfit and we should not do all this at the expense of those with nowt.  In short, please KISS –  keep it simple stupid!


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Living the dream


So there I was, down at the plaza, and some local comes running up to me to tell me that Robert de Niro is sitting having a coffee in our square!  I say “nah, it’s gotta be one of those impersonators, but leave it with me”!  Over I stroll to Roberto, or march up to him rather, with one of those full on Glynny wattage smiles:  “Mr Tarantino, how nice to see you in our village” and of course as I see his face grow into that menacing look, I add “only joking with you Mr de Niro, if it had been Quentin, we would have battened down the hatches already!”

Well, I sat and chatted with Bob for about and hour and a half, making sure that our village was treating him fine – the way we like to do that for our Hollywood superstar visitors.  He was here on a recce with one of his producers and I entertained him in my splendid and professional manner, even telling him of my plans to change the name of the village when I become mayoress!  I managed to get first born and side kick Facu, aka the Burn, to show up with their guitars and they serenaded him for a while too.  I’ll say this for the man, generous too, they got a lovely tip!  Even the ex got a call and was delighted to be dragged away from selling houses to meet the legend and then all the various on-lookers, hangers on and other interested (for that read nosy) people got called in for a selfie with one of cinema’s greats – sorry can’t share, had to sign a confidentially kind of thing!  Sadly second born was at school but not a problem, a little video recorded message was made for him, a keepsake for all time!

I went on my way but not without first giving him my card and explaining that, yes I would be delighted to have the film rewritten to include a part in it for me, especially as he now knew what calibre and talent there was in Mallorca!  And damn, what a good hour and a half that was!

Bad news is of course I got the script today along with the shooting schedule and I am trying not to scream but “why is there so much hanging about on a film set ffs!!”

Mind you, he’s invited us out to dinner tonight and told me to bring the family so that’s me, the ex and his girlfriend plus her two kids, first born and his girlfriend (shall I tell her parents?), second born and a friend, my mum, my sister and the Burn and his lovely wife.  We’re going to Caimari, you know, the very good Ca Na Toneta restaurant where Michelle got taken by some ex US ambassador and his wife last year – if it was good enough for her, it will be fine for our guest!

Delirious or deluded!  I don’t care, that was the best night’s lack of sleep for a long time!  I’m still giggling at my audacity for marching up to him like I did!

Updated blog post reads:

Sadly, most of us have forgotten who we are and forgotten, above all, that we can’t “take it” with us when we die!  Obviously there will be a bit of tension at dinner tonight, after all there will be 3 Caribbean women in attendance!  Mr Roberto Dinero, remember this:

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; 

Whilst you might play many parts in your lifetime, don’t fall under the spell of the miser and play that as your best role yet!  You were made for better stuff señor – give up the exploitation and rich man’s playthings, they are unbecoming of a true master!

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The way to a celebrant’s heart….


Give me cake…. give me truly amazing cake!

Life just gets better and better!  I had a last minute call from a couple a week ago and it turns out that they are such a relaxed couple, they’d forgotten to organise their wedding!  No problem for the Ninja Celebrant – aka me – and I got to meet them and know them just a little bit two days before their wedding!

The wonderful Britishness of this particular wedding was right up my street.  The bride was English born Punjabi Sikh and the groom an amazing mix of Congo and Cuba so you can imagine the colourful display attending the wedding.  I should have counted the nationalities by checking passports, but that might have seemed just a little too weird.  Counting on two hands, there were guests from the Republic of Congo, Cuba, India, Kenya, England, Wales, France, Italy and Eire and that was just a few of the people with whom I spoke!  All in all, I enjoyed myself very much.  I loved chatting to the guests before and after the ceremony as there were so many interesting people in attendance.  I am seeing the couple again before they go, to get to know them a bit more as I feel there is a lovely friendship to enjoy there.

The icing on the cake of course – as seen in the image – was the incredible wedding cake made by the bride’s brother – London Baker Boy (follow him on instagram, please)!  Oh my gosh, I fell in love with both cake and boy!  I had already thought the bride would be the go to best friend if I had a problem and who would always solve it with food, but sorry, now I know her brother, she’s out of my new best friend in the making!  Her brother is incredible!  He’s not even set up in business yet but has the makings of a true professional.  He brought the plain cakes from London and decorated them here in Mallorca, which must have been quite a challenge as you never know what you’re going to encounter for ingredients or tools.

There were four cakes in total and the three tiered cake was chocolate at the top, a carrot and cardamon in the middle and at the bottom some kind of raspberry flavour.  The little cake to the side was less sweet and made specially for the groom – ginger, rum and raisins.

Very lucky for me was the fact that the cake cutting took place before the wedding breakfast whilst I was still there!  As I had fallen in love with the whole of the bride’s family, mum took pity on me and insisted that not only I come to stay when next in the UK but also take the slice cut by the couple home with me.  Orgasmic!  Melting in mouth kind of cake!  Needing a cup of tea with it cake ideally, but eating in a car park as I left the wedding would do!  It was truly, utterly, absolutely delicious London Baker Boy – you rock!

Hardeep, which is his real name, please do this more and if you want a cake taster, I am your’s!  You were born to create perfection on a plate and you have found your purpose in life – giving unadulterated pleasure to so many!  Congratulations on your first wedding cake.  Everyone’s day was lit up in so many ways – from the beautiful bride and her handsome groom, to the colourful clothes of the guests, to the Mallorcan magical setting and your cake!  Can I say I love you?

And to the couple who finally remembered they were getting married in Mallorca and needed a celebrant, thank you for choosing me and introducing me to your amazing families and friends!


London Baker Boy