Getting there, the journey…

A journey starts with a single step!

A journey starts with a single step!

It is a sign of wisdom to be able to set goals and then, having done so, to let them go. All that is required for success is a vision of the destination. The journey itself will reveal the means to take you there.  (Brahma Kumaris)

It has been just over a month now that I took on the use of a huge finca here in my spiritual home of Binissalem.  I was joined on that day, 21st September, by three volunteers or workaways as they are also known.  Two are still with me till the end of this month and we have been joined by two more over the month as well as local volunteers who pop up to give a much needed hand.

As you will recall, I left my paying job at the end of June to do something worthwhile with my life and the use of a finca was given to me out of the blue in July.  Although the idea for a centre of sorts had been with me for some years, in April I had properly planted a seed in my mind to open a centre of excellence and well-being.  Watering this seed has now seen the Binissalem Peace Centre be born and what a journey I am on!

I am realising so much and I am also being tested so much.  I have been very blessed that good people have stepped up to the plate and got on with their own part of the project and the physical presence of volunteers has been an awesome blessing.  Claire and Mark who have been there from day one have shown such amazing qualities of hardwork and respect as well as lightness and fun and have dealt with my ups and downs with good humour and positivity!  Victor and Katherina who came and stayed for a short while left their mark and without them, there wouldn’t have been as much done, that is a given.  Now we have Cara staying who is a blessing in her petite way and can wield a brush with the best of them.  Then the day workers who come and give a hand – Cati from the village with her immense knowledge of the land, Ivan and Judit, two students on a gap year wishing to improve their English and then Lucy and Luciana who popped up to clear the little woods one Sunday and our favourite regular Eva who is transforming before our eyes and brings us smiles and love and is like the sister we all want to have.  Charles and Maria who insisted on coming and their only knowledge of the project was through first-born who is my ambassador for goodwill.  Without the volunteers, all that has happened in the past month on the physical level would not have happened – I am grateful to them.

There are others too.  Horacio who is working on the webpage and not charging for this labour of love.  His partner Kimberly, my friend and mentor there to give me a positivity boost when I most need it.  And Betty, on her nomadic journey, stopping in Mallorca for a couple of months has stepped in to help me with the structure of the project and with her experience and expertise, I feel in good hands.

I have to mention too those of you who through your own blood, sweat and tears are reaching out to me with your economic support and the amounts from 10€ to 500$ are so well appreciated – they have paid for the palm trees to be pruned and treated (dreaded red palm weevil hit them); the well to be made secure using the local dry stone tradition and technique; materials such as oil, paint, electrical items; web page domain and hosting to name but a few of the expenses that need to be paid.  You are my dear family which includes my cousin Rod from Canada (I love you guys);  Joanne Rogers over in Saudi who is deservedly on her feet after proving to herself and all of us who love her that hard work, dedication and talent bring rewards; Kay Newton, Sue Sell, Roo Hughes, Anita, Catherine & Diego, Chetana from Bodhana; Andy and Anna from Gong Didgeridoo Mallorca and all those who have attended our first event and paid for the pleasure!   Also Alex from SanaPalm and those professionals who are doing their much needed repairs at a lowered price.

This week I reached my first fever pitch but I managed to stand back, observe and bring my mind back into a positive place.  I panic from time to time with the overwhelming size of it all and that’s not the 895m2 house or 26000m2 land it sits on!  I am stepping away from frustrating myself with all there is to do and am learning to take baby steps and not sprint like Usain.  The end is there, I can see it in my vision and that is enough for me to leave that where it is.  The journey is where I am now and each day brings a new lesson and one I look forward to learning.

Faith is tested daily but as I remind myself always, God would not have given me this opportunity if I wasn’t going to learn from it and learning is the reward.

Thanks for your support!

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