Midsummer birthday

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Birthday boy & hostess with the mostess

You can tell I don’t go out much if I’m going to write my blog about it!  But I went out at the weekend to a really fabulous party!  It was to celebrate my friend’s husband’s birthday and they were putting on an evening’s gathering for a few friends.  She had me make three cakes for the party and I spent the day chilling and baking before popping them round and then going back for the party later.

I have to say that my friend managed to put on a most amazing evening!  Everything about it was perfect!  The food was to die for and yes, I had seconds.  There was so much of it that I didn’t get to sample the vegetarian couscous that was served up later but I enjoyed salad, quiche, hummus and the most amazing courgettes topped with sour cream – I have asked for the recipe!

There was a DJ playing in the garden along with didgeridoos, steel drum, pipes and a set that lasted most of the evening.  It was the perfect backdrop to chatting with lovely people as sunset came.  I caught up with a couple, neighbours that I’ve known since first born and their middle child were best friends in primary, what fun we had.  I met another woman who became a bff almost immediately and I was gutted to learn that she doesn’t live in Mallorca but she promised to visit when she’s back in September.  I chatted with one of the mums from school and infact all conversations during the evening were fun, relaxed, meaningful and interesting – what a privilege!

Then the very attractive and exotic Samira arrived, dressed to dance her belly dance and how absolutely intriguing was she!  She danced a couple of numbers for us and I couldn’t take my eyes off her, neither could most of the men and I heard one ask his wife if she wanted to learn how to dance like that!  After this, the floor opened and the birthday boy who loves to dance, got up and off they went.

It was at this point I went to find second-born who had been out and about in the village and I really appreciated having been to such a cool party only a few doors away from my home!  On the way out of my friend’s house, I stopped by the gift table and my happiness was complete at knowing some of the most generous people.  She had put out a collection box to collect for two worthwhile charities here in Mallorca.  The first, Baldea, the animal protection association that Petra is part of and who do a great job on the island with a spaying programme of stray cats amongst other things.  Then there was the collection for the Lions Club Palma who have an admirable programme called “Food for All” – feeding the homeless and those living on the poverty line.  On top of the amazing food she cooked and the drinks she served up, the DJ and an exotic dancer who entertained us, she still had more to give!  No gifts required for hubby, instead a super collection was going to those in need and can you believe that each association received 235€ from this awesome party!

Thank you Petra and Rainer for a truly special evening – it was truly a memorable experience and I can’t wait for next year!

DJ Hernán Livolsi                       www.hernanlivolsi.com

Oriental dancer Samira              www.samiramallorca.com

Animal protection Mallorca       http://www.baldea.org

Lions Club                                     http://www.lionsclubpalma.com

Delicious homemade cakes       ME!!



School gets out 20th June till 15th September, how awesome is that!

School gets out 20th June till 15th September, how awesome is that!

I love summer holidays!  Admittedly when I was a working mum it was tricky to juggle work and the kids but this summer I am not working and thus have time to relax with second born.  We have been easing into it with a bit a summer school last week and lots of hanging around the house with no rush to get up in the mornings or go to bed at night.  In fact, he’s still asleep now and I have peace and quiet for a little while longer.

The past year has been one long holiday since I gave up my full time job and I have never been happier.  I have taken this time to plant seeds and I don’t know about you but sometimes, once you’ve taken them out of the packet, it’s easy to forget what they were!  That’s how it’s been with me.  I have been putting out my dreams, planting them and watering them, most often forgetting about them and then suddenly, there they are – a little reality!

This is how it now is with the radio show, “The Happiness Café”.  The seed was planted in a conversation with someone over a year ago and this week I have just recorded the 5th programme with many more to go.  It was my dream to have a radio show but I didn’t know anything about radio and so how fab is it that Insel Radio are giving me the chance to make mistakes and hopefully put together something that people will want to listen to.  I have enjoyed five interviews with some wonderful inspiring and interesting people and I have a long list of many more to come!

First born is off to Vietnam in a week or so.  He is going for a month and visiting Thailand and Cambodia too!  He will travel with two friends who luckily seem more sensible than he is ie he’s too wrapped up in playing his guitar and having a good time to remember the basics!  I am nervous about this month long trip but can’t wait to hear his stories when he gets back and hopefully he won’t mind coming on the show and telling us all about it!  He wants to play his guitar with as many people as he can on his travels and he has decided that the time has come to move away from Mallorca and immerse himself in his music.  He is talented, focussed and determined, I can only wish him lots of joy and fun on that journey!

I think second born and I shall take in some day trips and go to places on this island that we don’t really know, lots of beach days with friends and then visit my mum in August and hopefully see the rest of my family too.

I shall enjoy more weddings, immerse myself in happy times and above all relax on this island of calm!  Vivan las vacaciones!  Enjoy your summer folks!



Stormy September

They're a big bigger now!

Sons – they’re a bit bigger now!

It’s that time of year again in Mallorca, summer suddenly over and the rains are here.  Or maybe not!  I love getting caught out every year – the rains come down and that’s it, summer’s all over.  Then the heat starts up again and just as we are packing away the summer gear, by the end of September it’s sweltering again.  This year I am forming a deeper relationship with patience and shall not rush to imagine that summer is over, yet.

The true stormy nature of September is quite subtle.  The long school holidays which I enjoy every year end almost abrubtly even though we know to expect this.  Then routine and discipline start asserting their presence and school beckons.  First born doesn’t have to worry about going back to school or uni.  He started a new job last week and was quite gutted to stop camping at the beach, guitar and hammock accessorising his look, surf board and friends at the ready always.  He has a great opportunity to learn in a new job and his total optimism on life certainly impressed me.  When I asked him how much they would pay him, he informed me that they hadn’t actually discussed money at the interview!  My horror expressed itself but he stopped me and said “mum, I trust the boss to pay me well”!  And what is the outcome?!  He has a great new salary for one so young but more importantly, by expecting only the best possible outcome – that’s what he got – positive thinking, positive outcome – good luck son!

Second born and I are nervous about the vuelta al cole as there are going to be big changes and of course, we don’t know what to expect.  However, I am taking on the role of mama wolf and am doing the best to prepare him for the new – more on this in a week or so but please pray for me to keep calm, focussed and strong for the both of us.

Alongside with the cares and concerns of mothering, I am also giving birth to a new project in the form of a peace centre in my village.  The owner, out of the blue, wrote me and offered me use of the finca – in her words:

“to create something there, whatever you can imagine, but you as a special woman, I feel that you are the right one to raise the power of the place”

I have of course said YES!  My vision for a centre of excellence, transformation and well being is about to become reality and I have enormous gratitude to people like her in the world!  Her generosity and trust are powerful indications of how we can all come together and inspire change and the Binissalem Peace Centre is going to be opening soon.  I was fortunate to have eleven friends pop up last week for a little cleaning party – it is 800m2 of finca on 26000m2 of land!  We prepared the small apartment within the finca and they worked hard and enjoyed themselves at the same time – thank you to all of them for taking the time to come up, mops and brooms too!

The end of summer is nearly with us but as Mallorca moves into it’s second spring now, we can see so much growing around us and not only our young!  This is the time for new projects, new lessons and seeds can be planted or harvested.  I know what I’m going to do, do you?

Love is in the air

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Looking good!

What makes summer the perfect time to flirt, fall in love or even tie the knot?  The days are longer, the sun almost always shines (if you live in Spain that is!) and people smile a lot more.

To escape from the heat, we spend long days in the shade but come night fall if you are worth your weight in village gold, then you take your fold up chair and place it outside your house and spend hours into the night chatting with your neighbours and watching the world go by.

One wouldn’t imagine that love was possible from outside your front door on a village street where cars pass by occasionally, but love is there if you look hard enough.

Love of the cooler night air, love of the bonding and community that makes up having the perfect neighbours.  Love even of the little snacks offered between homes and love of the different pets who sit with their owners, yapping if they so desire or an occasional growl if the need arises.

So no new summer romance for me… yet!  But loving to love keeps me sane and preparing for a wedding tomorrow makes me excited.  One couple are spending today nervously preparing to tie the knot and I shall be there as their wedding celebrant, filled with love and wonder!

Happy days – viva el verano!

Life on holiday

Away from the madding crowds - keeping it a secret!!

Away from the madding crowds – keeping it a secret!!

It’s now a month since I parted company with my wonderful old employers at Planet Space.  I have since been to London to celebrate a year on from my dad’s passing.  We held a special memorial in Clapham and it was great to meet so many new siblings!  He was a father to many and to hear young adults remember their first meeting with him when they were young teens was an honour and a treat.  My mother was a natural comedian and had us all in stitches recounting some of his early life stories when we weren’t even a twinkle in their eyes.

First born played a Bob Marley song on the guitar and sang and brought the house down and all in all, the week’s trip to UK was a time to heal and get closer to my real sibs!  Thanks to my sistas for some powerful moments.

I came back to Mallorca with the intention of taking it easy in July and August but life has a way of changing your plans.  My first powerful example of manifestation happened on the 12th July when I received an out of the blue email with a most precious and generous gift – use of a finca to set up my centre for self transformation through learning!  This project was scheduled for September onwards and included looking for a finca in which to set up a centre.  As that manifestation was so easy, I had fun playing around with other requests and so far I have found some amazing people who are eager to get involved.  The quality of people who are coming into my life right now are bright, creative, positive, focussed and I am excited with what’s ahead.

I had the stand up comedy course last weekend and what fun we had.  Logan Murray came over once again to facilitate the course and although we were 9 signed up, 2 dropped out at the last minute.  That didn’t detract from spending a weekend with 6 other creative people and having so much fun.  It was a great group and although this was the 3rd time I have done the workshop, this group differed in that the connection was instant from the word go.  Thanks to them for a great weekend and we certainly had fun putting on another great comedy show on the Sunday evening.  The setting was perfect, the crowd was adorable and I look forward to more moments on stage.

Mallorca was on fire in more ways than one and a significant part of the island was affected by a huge fire last weekend.  Luckily no one died but there was alot of personal losses to many.  It has been an interesting observation for me – it wasn’t in my part of the island so I watched from afar.  It was inspiring to see collaboration and teamwork not only from the professionals who are trained in that but from the locals who were ready to step in and help at any time.  The powers of prayer surely helped although rain didn’t come down and temperatures didn’t drop.  My thoughts are with the man who started the fire through his carelessness and I think I will take a lesson from him to be attentive and careful with my actions – in word, thought and deed.

Enjoy your summer!