Petró Kohut – Lucky Bodies, Happy Souls

At The Happiness Café, there’s always an interesting guest!

Just Glynis - Radio Show

Petró Kohut

My guest, Petró Kohut, is an Australian with a Ukranian background presently settled in Mallorca and a really great guy!  He is co founder of Lucky Bodies, Happy Souls, an holistic centre in Palma offering Rolfing, yoga and naprapathy (yes I hear you say, what?!  Got to get that practitioner on the show), amongst other great services.

We talked about Rolfing structural integration and I learned that people who work at their desks all day would be wise to pop along to Petró for a consultation.  Petró is a man who walks his talk.  By that I mean he not only offers a service that is useful, important and possibly life changing, but he also has a gentle wisdom about him to steer one into a way that is more beneficial.  Alas, there was no time to give me a quick structural adjustment in the studio, but since our chat…

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The Clown Whisperer

At The Happiness Café radio show, I am delighted to have great guests!

Just Glynis - Radio Show

Andreu - Clown extraordinaire

I don’t think I have laughed so hard and so much in a long time but this week’s show was just that, and more.  My guest was a clown.  A clown teacher, a clown director, a clown producer, a clown performer and even a clown doctor – that’s a lot of clown for one man!

Andreu Segura Seguí is also the founder of the Mallorca Christmas Clown Festival which has just celebrated its fourth year but we didn’t have time to talk about that on the show, more’s the pity.

Andreu talked about the time he took clown to war torn Bosnia at the end of the 90s and I realised whilst chatting with him at The Happiness Café that more laughter is needed.  It’s an activity that keeps us present, in tune with the moment and when we’re in the moment, life is good.

Although I laughed a lot…

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