Magic and the secret garden

Some of you may recall that I “won” the Euro Millions recently, a nice little amount of 15 million euros and that I spent it in a flash – this all happened in my head in a 30 minute drive from Palma to school pick up!  I bought a load of property, gifted it around, including my favourite building of all time which I turned into the Binissalem Peace Centre!  I also bought my lovely eco café people Javi and Elena a building and also my son’s eco school a building, amongst other things!

Today, I discovered that the building I had ear-marked for the Peace Centre is the new location for my son’s school! I am sitting writing this with the biggest smile on my face as I enjoy the wonder of magic and knowing that believing is seeing and even if I do see it slightly differently, it all works out!!  I shall have to relocate my Peace Centre but what a result with the win!

Just before I heard the news, I had parked my car and seen a sign saying “Euromillones – 63 millones” and what do you think I did!  I went and “won” it again!

I spent it in the 12 minutes it takes to drive from the school back home and you’ll be happy to know that the following got 10 million each – Mallorca based not for profits PermaMed, Ondine and Fundación Sa Llavor and London based Communities Empowerment Network.  They will be able to carry on doing what they do so brilliantly already and this money will help them take the pressure off, to get really stuck in and take what they already do so selflessly to a new level.  From promoting permaculture to a wider audience, to keeping our seas and oceans clean and also devloping new ways of holistically educating and caring for our next generations.

I also put aside 5 million to create old people communities including making sure that there is a healthy support for the dying and a million of that was donated to the awesome people at Capsula Mundi to help with their development of the burial pod.

Eight million euros was used island wide for culture and the arts and lots of projects, existing and new, got lucky by being gifted money to help promote culture and the arts.  First born is well happy with the new studio and jazz appreciation school!

I’ve got 10 million left over but I want to go abroad and go back to my roots, Jamaica and Wales, and see what I can do there with the money.  Watch this space.

I’m happy and content – 63 million euros well spent!


Mallorca’s Avalanche of Love

Santiago Stankovic Photography;

Generosity at its best

I have been blessed to meet some incredible people in my life and none other than this past week.  The powerhouse and inspiration behind Mallorca’s recent avalanche of love is none other than local councillor for Inca, Antonia Triguero.

At a recent gathering of Mallorca based group, Kreakolektiva, Antonia was asked by the hosts to speak about her visit to the island of Kos and why she had decided to collect for the refugees upon her return to Mallorca.  That she did shows the big heart she has and that evening, she inspired the hundred or so people gathered to get involved and none other than photographer, Santiago Stankovic, who immediately set about creating a Facebook event which spiralled out of wonderful control.

With these two souls putting their hearts out there for people to follow, the incredible result was almost overwhelming at times, with people coming from all over the island, donating thousands upon thousands of items to be sent to the refugees in Lesvos.

At first Antonia had secured one 40ft container, but a week of Santi driving all over the island inspiring people out of their houses with donations meant that not just another, but up to six more containers were needed and with people power, they have nearly all been secured with the original plan to leave for Lesvos in the next week or so.  There is a bank account into which anyone can donate to help with the transport, see below, as each container cost 4,500€ to send.

Unfortunately the European Union have just signed a sad and sour deal with Turkey and in the last 24 hours the situation in Greece is unclear, with refugees being turned away from Lesvos as well as being being turfed out of the inhumane camps they have been held in.  What faces Antonia now is  where to send these next containers and as soon as NGOs and colleagues on the ground in Greece can tell her, we shall spread the news as to what is happening with everyone’s kind donations.

All this got me thinking about many things.  One is that this could easily be me or you.  From one day to the next, our brothers and sisters, who now find themselves as refugees, were living in their homes, with their jobs and daily tasks, with their loved ones and their pets.  In a heartbeat, they were on their way with just enough to fill a backpack on a journey where they had no map and who knows if they will get to where they don’t know they are going.  Especially now, with the new ruling, no-one knows what will happen to them.

What Mallorca’s good people have shown this week is that we, the ordinary and the extraordinary people everywhere, know what is good and what is right and that is where our energies have been spent this past week.  It is NOT right that we have a situation whereby thousands and thousands of our human family are fighting for their lives on a daily journey with no clear destination in sight.  It is NOT right that our elected officials sit in their fine offices and wine and dine on the misery of our human families affected by greed, violence and outrageous ego.  It is NOT right that we continue to elect these self-same officious men and women who deserve to come down from their ivory towers and ask themselves “what if that were me”?  It is NOT right that the refugees have no safe passage to escape war and misery.  It is especially NOT right the recent and atrocious deal made on our behalf to turn back the refugees that even dare to think of setting foot in Europe.

Antonia Triguero, Santiago Stankovic, people of Inca, women, men, young people and children of Mallorca you are a force to be reckoned with.  You are people with heart, with a conscience, with abundant love and compassion.  You are a people I take my hat off to and thank you for being who you are.

Visca Mallorca!

To donate to Proem-Aid to send the containers onwards, please use “Contenedor Mallorca” as reference and donate to this account: ES49 1491 0001 2021 7549 1022


Dying to get there


I returned as a volunteer recently to the Mallorcan association, Dime Cuenta Con Nosotros, a group of dedicated volunteers who visit the two palliative care units on the island.  It has been some years since I have spent Tuesday mornings visiting patients and their families, but I am happy to be back for a number of reasons.

Death is a topic I am curious about, a curiosity that has been there for some time, years in fact.  I don’t know where this curiosity came from, but the subject of death has always been a healthy and matter of fact topic present in the background of my life.  My earliest memories of death was attending the funeral of my beloved nain, my father’s mother, up in North Wales on a windy day.  My younger sister and I spent the time of the graveside ceremony running amok through gravestones and having a rather fun time.

Some years later when I was about 13 years old, my mother picked up the newspaper one day and asked if I knew a girl named Sue.  The headlines explained how her father had shot her whilst she slept and then shot himself, apparently desperate with financial troubles.  My mother broke the news in a very natural way, and I remember that whilst I cried from shock, part of me felt that I didn’t have to cry.  Certainly my mother treated the subject naturally even though the setting was horrifying.

As I headed to my twenties, grandparents died at home, suddenly, not ill but just time for them to go.  Death was celebrated as a life well lived and a death well had, I was blessed, very blessed to have these experiences.  Not everyone is so lucky and death is a subject that brings with it fears, confusion, mystery and for perhaps a few a certain understanding.

Returning to Dime is an honour for me.  There I meet professionals working in the health sector, dealing with death in a dignified and respectful manner.  From the nurses to the doctors, from the psychologists and social workers and to the volunteers, all are learning from their experiences and learning all the time.  Training is given on a regular basis to the volunteers and Dime is fortunate to receive the support of some amazing individuals on this island.  Thanks to charities like Cala Nova Cancer Care Charity Shop, their fund raising and generous donations allow Dime to do what they do which is sending volunteers like me in to visit the many patients facing perhaps one of their biggest challenges ever.

What do I do?  I enter a patient’s room and politely ask if they would like a visit.  In a hospice setting this adds to the quality of care received by the patient.  Why?  We provide support to those inspiring individuals who work in the day-to-day care and treatment of those with cancer and perhaps other life changing illnesses.  We are incognito, we come and we go.  We listen and hold hands and if we need to, we can cry with a family member.  We can try to take them away from their own day-to-day, just for a moment.  Or perhaps we’ll be blessed to help them face what’s ahead.  We can hear what is not said if we are silent, and we can give and spread love for a while, as much as we can.

It is an honour to be part of the team at Dime and it is a privilege to spend time with people facing challenges I cannot imagine.  I can’t change the world, but I can change my attitude about life and perhaps I can, just for a moment, provide a listening ear to someone.


Dime Cuenta Con Nosotros relies on donations and are always grateful for support.  If you would like to be a volunteer and have languages, Spanish necessary, then please contact them directly –

Fun-d raising!

fundraising; CEN; London; cycling; Prudential London 100

Brother Deuan

My brother Deuan is an awesome man, he is 56 years old and the oldest teenager I know!  Why a teen?  He has an incredible energy that is exhuberance personified and coupled with his spontaneity about everything happening around him, he is never still for long.

My brother Deuan is someone I admire very much.  He has many talents and he is someone that people love to meet and know, so great is his energy that he uplifts wherever he goes.  He also walks his talk and when he puts his mind to do something, he always follows through.

My brother Deuan works in the charitable sector in England in the world of education.  The organisation our father Gerry German started over a decade ago is Communities Empowerment Network and Deuan is Strategic Director there, responsible for fund raising amongst other things.  Communities Empowerment Network or CEN as it is also known provide “Free Independent Expert Advice, Support, and Representation to parents and to carers of children who are at risk of exclusion or have been excluded”. They also provide excellent training in dealing with exclusion for both the community and professional organisations.

CEN do the work they do by relying on donations and funding and so on the 2nd August my brother Deuan will be cycling the Prudential London Surrey 100 to raise much needed funds for this organisation.

At times it can be useful to think beyond our own lives and families and commit ourselves to being part of the global family.  We are the village raising our children and some of those children here in the United Kingdom, excluded or expelled from schools need our help.  CEN is the organisation with an incredible wealth of knowledge, who are committed to supporting and providing information to the more than 1000 children and young people who come to them every year in a moment of crisis.  Most cases should not have come to the desks of CEN but as we live in a world of reaction and intolerance coupled with confusion and fear with a system that doesn’t always benefit a child who might be different, the cases continue to pile up.

Your child might have been lucky in a number of ways with the school you chose for them and that is great news.  I am so happy with the choices I made for my sons and my second born enjoys an alternative education in an eco school in Mallorca.  However, all of the children today are tomorrow’s adults and our companions, colleagues and collaborators of the future.  Where one is failed, we all have failed.

If you are interested in knowing more about CEN and what they do, please visit their website and contact my brother Deuan there – volunteers always welcome and any professionals wishing to offer pro bono work too (lawyers, educators, social media, marketing, fund raisers, event planners etc).  If you can donate to this particular race then please visit the Just Giving webpage to do so.  If you wish to tithe a part of your salary or income in a more sustainable way, then CEN would love to hear from you.

In memory of our father Gerry German, a man who had many children – 5 were biological and hundreds of thousands were his soul children – “believing is seeing” and he saw the very best of each and every one of us!


Communties Empowerment Network  

To donate, London Surrey 100              

Je suis Ms. Nadia Lopez

Mott Hall Bridges Academy; Brownsville; HONY; Humans of New York; Brandon Stanton; education; scholorships; fund raising; inspiration; values

Principal Nadia Lopez, Mott Hall Bridges Academy (Photo Brandon Stanton)

Last week I was inspired by this woman!  Along with thousands of people around the world, I took note of her thanks to Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York blog.  If you have never heard of this blog, check it out now!  Brandon Stanton is living proof that we all have a purpose and he has found his purpose which is to allow people to be seen, heard, listened to and believed in!  It all started with him randomly stopping a young man, Vidal, last week and asking if he could take his picture.  What makes Brandon Stanton special is that he asks some quite meaningful questions to the subjects of his pictures and this day was no exception.  Vidal told the HONY world that his principal, Ms Nadia Lopez valued him, she has told him he matters.  Not only him but all the scholars at Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brownsville New York.

I want to be like Principal Nadia Lopez!  I want to be a woman who influences others, who believes in others, who guides others.  This is where I want my life energy directed, to positively influence those around me.  I believe I am Ms Lopez, we all are, no matter how small our contribution to our world, we all matter!

I know another Ms Lopez, another influential being who believed everyone mattered and he was called Gerry German.  He was an educator too and he was a man who influenced the thousands of children who had the good fortune to cross his path.  He taught in Jamaica, England, North Wales and Nigeria.  He was one of the founder members of STOPP (Society of Teachers Opposed to Physical Punishment) in the late 60s. He was Chief Education Officer at the Commission for Racial Equality back in the 80s.  He was involved with the Working Group Against Racism in Children’s Resources in the 90s after his retirement as an activist.  His proudest moment was founding the Communities Empowerment Network, CEN, in 1999 an advocacy and campaigning service, working for equality and justice in education particularly with African Caribbean parents whose children had been permanently excluded from mainstream education.  He was a daring and innovative man, a concientious objector, he was also my father.

I am blessed to have been his daughter, I had the good fortune to be born to him and my mother Patricia, two hugely influential people, two incredible beings who have loved and guided me at every step of the way.  I attended one of the schools where Gerry was the head, or principal as you say in America.  I saw the love the school kids had for him, never more strongly demonstrated than when he was sacked from the Mold Alun as being too “much” for the establishment!  I was stopped by school bullies and told to pull up my socks and make my dad proud of me because they were proud to consider themselves his children.  I picked up the phone many a time whilst living with mum and dad or visiting them and many an ex student would ring to share their good news – graduating from school or university or just wanting to share what a huge influence Gerry had had on their lives.

Gerry passed away in May 2012 at the ripe old age of 84.  He passed in the night after having spent the day before at the office in Brixton where he met with a young man, recently excluded from school.  That day, my father had brought the first smile to this young man since he had taken on his case.  My father believed in him and that day proved to the young man that he mattered.  He went to bed that night satisfied with another good day, expecting to get up the next day to go back to work.  He left a legacy, he left behind an organisation that is relentless in providing justice and equality for all in education in Britain.  He left a team committed to this ideal, working together and now guided by my brother Deuan and joined by advocates, volunteers, trustees and many, many children needing their services.  He left his mark.

Ms Lopez is the same.  She believes in her kids.  She knows that everyone of them matters and she has high expectations of them.  She leads her team like my father led his team by being the example.  She is a woman with her heart in education, she is the teacher, the real meaning of the teacher.  I salute Ms Lopez and I say “Je suis Principal Nadia Lopez” – je suis in the sense of improving the lives of all, not trashing the lives of any!

Mott Hall Bridges Academy has now had over 700,000 dollars raised in less than a week and these funds will be used to form the Vidal Scholarship Fund, named after this young man who one day was stopped in the streets of his neighbourhood and asked by a stranger if he could have his photograph taken.  Brandon Stanton, Nadia Lopez, Gerry German – these are people who are proof that when we find our purpose in life, we are where we are meant to be.

We all matter, let’s never forget that!



CEN (Please consider donating)              

Humans of New York                                 

Mott Hall Bridges Academy                      

To donate to Mott Hall Bridges Academy

Letter from the heart

The volunteers who came to stay, give a hand and leave their mark

The volunteers who came to stay, give a hand and leave their mark

Happy new year!  I hope you have started 2014 in a manner that brings out the best of you with any resolutions, ideas and plans to keep you positive and energetic in all that you do!

I had some surprising news just before Christmas that gave me an opportunity to look within and take a lesson.  The news was that the owner of the property in which the Binissalem Peace Centre is situated wished to come back and live there once again.  She did give me the option to keep the Peace Centre in a small part of the house but given the nature of the project and all that it entailed I have decided not to.  I am therefore relocating the project and shall leave there at the end of this month.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have started something new and I have learned a great deal in the last 4 months.  I believe that the essence of the project is transferrable and actually see that it would be even better to be always flexible and not at the mercy of people or of buildings.  The way forward I believe is to provide the possibility of transformation through learning anywhere and at any time!  I have some new ideas as to how this could be done but first I am going to take a step back and see what Glynis needs first.  I will take some time now to process all that I learned, which believe me has been plenty!

I am grateful to you all for your support and special mention goes to my mentor in this, Betty Steinhauer.  She has been fun, uplifting and positive throughout.  To the volunteers who gave their time and energy to cleaning up, fixing things, always being on hand to throw their hand to anything especially Catalina Pons, Claire Bryan and Mark Barton who were there from the start and who generously left their mark on the Peace Centre – your support and hard work is treasured.  There were many more volunteers including Eva Sepulveda, Ruth Lavan and Judit Cabello who believed and supported too.  To my dear friend Sylvia Baker for her translations of everything into Spanish.  To Horacio Camperi for his donation of the web page design and creation that we are now having to readjust and to Marc Masmiquel for the beautiful logo.  To Kimberly Hunn, another of my mentors for being there for me and believing in me.  To lawyer Juana Jimenez for her services with the contract and to BK Ramon Ribalta also for his input.  To my cousin Rod Bell for his generosity and support from afar.  To all too many of you to name here – your support, your encouragement, your enthusiasm with me and especially your belief in the project – transformation through learning –  I say thank you.

I also hereby acknowledge the generous donations in cash, in furniture, in items (bedding, books, etc), in time and in services and I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.  Please know that anything that was donated ie furniture, bedding, etc is being sold off to go towards the next venue.  Thank you again to those of you who supported every event, every class, every workshop that we held there – Cara, Ruth, Carolina were just some of the teachers there.  And to the regulars – it was always great to see your face and share a cup of tea!

And last but not least to my family.  To my dad Gerry German who surely from the heavens is listening to me and granting me my wishes.  To my firmest and fairest supporter of all – my mother BK Patricia German, the wisest woman I know.  To my siblings and siblings in-law Sian, Roger, Bryn, Bo, Deuan and Lisa, to my nieces and nephews and finally my beautiful sons Noah Angel and Pau Indigo plus their father Rob Orchard – for putting up with me at home during the whole process!

Again thank you.

Watch this space – I have lots planned for 2014 not least comedy, weddings, celebrations and constant learning!

Getting there, the journey…

A journey starts with a single step!

A journey starts with a single step!

It is a sign of wisdom to be able to set goals and then, having done so, to let them go. All that is required for success is a vision of the destination. The journey itself will reveal the means to take you there.  (Brahma Kumaris)

It has been just over a month now that I took on the use of a huge finca here in my spiritual home of Binissalem.  I was joined on that day, 21st September, by three volunteers or workaways as they are also known.  Two are still with me till the end of this month and we have been joined by two more over the month as well as local volunteers who pop up to give a much needed hand.

As you will recall, I left my paying job at the end of June to do something worthwhile with my life and the use of a finca was given to me out of the blue in July.  Although the idea for a centre of sorts had been with me for some years, in April I had properly planted a seed in my mind to open a centre of excellence and well-being.  Watering this seed has now seen the Binissalem Peace Centre be born and what a journey I am on!

I am realising so much and I am also being tested so much.  I have been very blessed that good people have stepped up to the plate and got on with their own part of the project and the physical presence of volunteers has been an awesome blessing.  Claire and Mark who have been there from day one have shown such amazing qualities of hardwork and respect as well as lightness and fun and have dealt with my ups and downs with good humour and positivity!  Victor and Katherina who came and stayed for a short while left their mark and without them, there wouldn’t have been as much done, that is a given.  Now we have Cara staying who is a blessing in her petite way and can wield a brush with the best of them.  Then the day workers who come and give a hand – Cati from the village with her immense knowledge of the land, Ivan and Judit, two students on a gap year wishing to improve their English and then Lucy and Luciana who popped up to clear the little woods one Sunday and our favourite regular Eva who is transforming before our eyes and brings us smiles and love and is like the sister we all want to have.  Charles and Maria who insisted on coming and their only knowledge of the project was through first-born who is my ambassador for goodwill.  Without the volunteers, all that has happened in the past month on the physical level would not have happened – I am grateful to them.

There are others too.  Horacio who is working on the webpage and not charging for this labour of love.  His partner Kimberly, my friend and mentor there to give me a positivity boost when I most need it.  And Betty, on her nomadic journey, stopping in Mallorca for a couple of months has stepped in to help me with the structure of the project and with her experience and expertise, I feel in good hands.

I have to mention too those of you who through your own blood, sweat and tears are reaching out to me with your economic support and the amounts from 10€ to 500$ are so well appreciated – they have paid for the palm trees to be pruned and treated (dreaded red palm weevil hit them); the well to be made secure using the local dry stone tradition and technique; materials such as oil, paint, electrical items; web page domain and hosting to name but a few of the expenses that need to be paid.  You are my dear family which includes my cousin Rod from Canada (I love you guys);  Joanne Rogers over in Saudi who is deservedly on her feet after proving to herself and all of us who love her that hard work, dedication and talent bring rewards; Kay Newton, Sue Sell, Roo Hughes, Anita, Catherine & Diego, Chetana from Bodhana; Andy and Anna from Gong Didgeridoo Mallorca and all those who have attended our first event and paid for the pleasure!   Also Alex from SanaPalm and those professionals who are doing their much needed repairs at a lowered price.

This week I reached my first fever pitch but I managed to stand back, observe and bring my mind back into a positive place.  I panic from time to time with the overwhelming size of it all and that’s not the 895m2 house or 26000m2 land it sits on!  I am stepping away from frustrating myself with all there is to do and am learning to take baby steps and not sprint like Usain.  The end is there, I can see it in my vision and that is enough for me to leave that where it is.  The journey is where I am now and each day brings a new lesson and one I look forward to learning.

Faith is tested daily but as I remind myself always, God would not have given me this opportunity if I wasn’t going to learn from it and learning is the reward.

Thanks for your support!

For spiritual inspiration:

For volunteers:

International Day of Peace

With sweetness, peace!

With sweetness, peace!

Tomorrow is International Day of Peace and according to the United Nations General Assembly, this day is to  “…to devote a specific time to concentrate the efforts of the United Nations and its Member States, as well as the whole of mankind, to promoting the ideals of peace and to giving positive evidence of their commitment to peace in all viable ways.”

Tomorrow is also the day that I take guardianship of the new Binissalem Peace Centre.  I feel truly blessed to be part of this project and excited at this new venture in my life.

What is peace and what does it mean to me?  I believe peace is that place within; that place that is always still, always calm, like a beautiful calm sea with its quiet crashing of waves on the shore, not disturbing but soothing.  It is that feeling I have when all is well in my world.  When all around are happy and content, with the kind of energy that is about being more than it is about doing, a kind of artistic expression, creative in its essense.

Peace is important to me.  With it is the journey of love, tolerance, compassion and acceptance as well as forgiveness and understanding.  Peace is my responsibility and only when I own my feelings, reactions and attitudes to all that happens around me will I be able to enjoy peace.  Peace begins with me.  Peace is there, within me.

Tomorrow as I move up to the centre – it is an old building of 800m2 on 26000m2 of land – I shall take a moment to meditate and pray to God that we may all be blessed and discover peace.  I shall consider those in extreme conditions of war and poverty and pray for peace.   I can only start with me and tomorrow and every day that is the seed I shall water.

May peace be on everyone of us.  Happy day tomorrow!

Stormy September

They're a big bigger now!

Sons – they’re a bit bigger now!

It’s that time of year again in Mallorca, summer suddenly over and the rains are here.  Or maybe not!  I love getting caught out every year – the rains come down and that’s it, summer’s all over.  Then the heat starts up again and just as we are packing away the summer gear, by the end of September it’s sweltering again.  This year I am forming a deeper relationship with patience and shall not rush to imagine that summer is over, yet.

The true stormy nature of September is quite subtle.  The long school holidays which I enjoy every year end almost abrubtly even though we know to expect this.  Then routine and discipline start asserting their presence and school beckons.  First born doesn’t have to worry about going back to school or uni.  He started a new job last week and was quite gutted to stop camping at the beach, guitar and hammock accessorising his look, surf board and friends at the ready always.  He has a great opportunity to learn in a new job and his total optimism on life certainly impressed me.  When I asked him how much they would pay him, he informed me that they hadn’t actually discussed money at the interview!  My horror expressed itself but he stopped me and said “mum, I trust the boss to pay me well”!  And what is the outcome?!  He has a great new salary for one so young but more importantly, by expecting only the best possible outcome – that’s what he got – positive thinking, positive outcome – good luck son!

Second born and I are nervous about the vuelta al cole as there are going to be big changes and of course, we don’t know what to expect.  However, I am taking on the role of mama wolf and am doing the best to prepare him for the new – more on this in a week or so but please pray for me to keep calm, focussed and strong for the both of us.

Alongside with the cares and concerns of mothering, I am also giving birth to a new project in the form of a peace centre in my village.  The owner, out of the blue, wrote me and offered me use of the finca – in her words:

“to create something there, whatever you can imagine, but you as a special woman, I feel that you are the right one to raise the power of the place”

I have of course said YES!  My vision for a centre of excellence, transformation and well being is about to become reality and I have enormous gratitude to people like her in the world!  Her generosity and trust are powerful indications of how we can all come together and inspire change and the Binissalem Peace Centre is going to be opening soon.  I was fortunate to have eleven friends pop up last week for a little cleaning party – it is 800m2 of finca on 26000m2 of land!  We prepared the small apartment within the finca and they worked hard and enjoyed themselves at the same time – thank you to all of them for taking the time to come up, mops and brooms too!

The end of summer is nearly with us but as Mallorca moves into it’s second spring now, we can see so much growing around us and not only our young!  This is the time for new projects, new lessons and seeds can be planted or harvested.  I know what I’m going to do, do you?

Bon viatge Jana


Janaina enjoying a winter’s day in Palma last December

In December last year I had one of those meetings of like minds and what a pleasure that was.  I had missed meeting this Brazilian beauty when she had visited in the previous summer but December decided that it was time for us to share a coffee and get to know each other.  Janaina had come from London with the instructions from our mutual friend Maria Candida to get in touch with me.  She called me at an exciting moment in my life and I soon discovered that she too was at an exciting moment in her own.  In this conversation we connected immediately, like old friends do when they haven’t spoken for a long while.  That was her – easy to talk to, friendly, sunny, happy, just a great energy all round and of course I had to get to know her!

We met in Sta Catalina and sat outside one of the many busy cafés and chatted easily.  What I immediately loved about Janaina, apart from her stunning smile and easy nature, was that she was eager and enthusiastic about life and invested in the beauty of it.  I told her about my latest idea in which I was committing to losing weight from 1st January and how my idea was a little bit more crazy than just dieting!  I planned to invite people to donate food for the hungry in Mallorca every time I lost a kilo.  I was used to receiving all sorts of reactions to this idea, from loud guffaws, to support by pledging food but from Janaina she was immediately on board and going to support me from her learnings about nutrition and she was going to treat me like a client but not charge me – how awesome was she!  I was hooked by her enthusiasm and we arranged to meet again.

Boxing Day was our next encounter and I took her along to a little party at my boss’ home and she fit in like a hand in a glove there!  I introduced her to good friends – Jo, Sue, Sylvia, Daniela, Sam, Kay, Hayley – to mention a few and of course their husbands.  I remember my boss looking over at her and wistfully but jokingly say to his son “what do you think about your new stepmother?”  She was a beauty alright but that rare beauty that is not in the physical but in the ethereal sense – almost divine.

She met my sons and we came back to my home and read the Osho cards.  I am no expert of card reading but I remember how excited we both were at what lay ahead and she was positive and in tune with her surroundings in this new stage of her life.  We arranged to have our first consultation in the next days and I met her at her home in Palma.

At this consultation I was struck by her unwavering support.  She was different to other practitioners I had ever met in that she was invested in me and my path.  I remember feeling supported in a gentle way and at one point she gave me a valuable tip and one I shall forever treasure.  She told me that when out walking, when taking the time to meditate the nature around me, I could begin to see myself physically how I wanted to be ie losing the weight I was setting out to lose.  More importantly though she told me I could love the Glynis I was here and now.  She told me to see every bit of me and love it all and in loving me I could make room for a newer me, the slimmer me I wanted to be.

We made plans that she would continue to treat me, she would come shopping with me the following week, she would even be delighted to come and show me how to cook in a more healthy manner.  Janaina was there for the long haul of my weight loss and she was invested in me – the future was there in that moment on the 28th December 2012 – we were more than nutritionist and patient, we were friends.

We emailed over the next couple of days and on the 31st December Janaina had a heart attack and from that day until yesterday lay in a different state of being.  She garnered an incredible support of love and light from all over the world.  She was supported by the unwavering love of her family and friends.  People who had met her once meditated for her as they had been touched by that one, fleeting moment of her.  Even people who hadn’t met her felt touched by her.  She was love.  She is light.  She has left this place now, this earthly dwelling and I believe she has spent the last 8 months creating magic and wonder.  She touched my life for sure.  I lost weight without really trying because she taught me some basic nutrition but more than that, she invited me to look at myself differently, with love rather.  That was the Janaina I met briefly – an earth angel who was love and who shared that with all who met and knew her.

Janaina, thank you for your inspiration – you were a joy to be with, your smile lifted up a hundred thousand heavy hearts – be happy.