Review of 2012

We’re almost at the beginning of a new year and what a year it’s been!  I turned 50 last January and had a great party to celebrate.  My incredible dad, Gerry, passed away in May suddenly but not unexpectedly.  Summer was chilled and life was good and I became a wedding celebrant, officiating 5 weddings with 10 amazing people from May to September.  September saw a low moment of missing my dad and my family so I made the decision to go back to England next year – watch this space.  Christmas was so much better than the previous 5 and I can safely say I am over my divorce!  Yes, it’s been a long road and the past 5 years have been incredible.

I am so grateful to my parents Patricia and Gerry for their influences on my life and their unwavering support at every step of it.  It would have been easy to say my dad wasn’t there for us but he was, through all that he dedicated his life towards, he was very much there for us.  My wise and beautiful mother Patricia, serene and with words so full of sense, is incredible and my life is so much more because of her example and advice.  My siblings and I are slowly learning to rein ourselves in with each other and I hope to make more of my relationships with each and every one of them in future.  I missed them of course but missed not using the opportunities they gave me over and over again during the last 20 years of living in Mallorca – I vow to do better sibs!

My girlfriends – how blessed am I!  I saw beautiful friends at my dad’s funeral and although there was no space for proper conversations, they should know how incredibly honoured I was to see them there.  To see old friends diving into help just like the old days and to see shy friends step up to the plate and mix with everyone – what a celebration that was!  Friends from a long time ago stepped by in Mallorca and beach days were enjoyed, I hope to see many more in 2013.  Old friend Lana came back at the beginning of December and it was like old times with only a few bits and pieces changed in my house!

I decided to spend Christmas in Mallorca although I know my family missed having the boys and me there.  It was a decision that made me happy and for the first time since 2007 I felt lighter and brighter about these dates.  Christmas Eve was spent at home with the boys and Noah’s friend Morrison Day came round for a vegetarian supper and Christmas Day was spent with friends realising how competitive I am!  Sorry to those who met me for the first time that day, the British hooligan in me came out to play!!

And how many simple events spent with friends were enjoyed?  Boxing Day thanks to my boss Peter and wife Sue.  Elves and Fairy party thanks to my best Inca friend Jo!  Sunday lunch with karaoke thanks to Virtu and hubby Sebas – next year we are not having tortilla!  Tonight dinner with Virtu and her family and then a quick visit to the plaza in Binissalem to remember not to choke on the grapes!

Tomorrow is a new day, a new year and a new opportunity.  I am committed to a healthy life style from tomorrow and will lose kilos for charity, sort my finances out and love love love my life.  LOVE will take me through and I thank God for the ability to chose love.

Te quiero / I love you / T’estim / Volim te



Yummy mummy!

Yummy mummy!

It’s that time again, time when we are all having fun with a guilty feel to it, rushing towards a new year in which we make all sorts of resolutions.  But how long do they last and why do we set ourselves up like this only to fail in a very short time?

I am feeling very good with myself and so excited too as in mid December I made up my mind that 2013 is going to be even better and more fun than 2012!  I am finally committing to losing 10 kilos in weight that no longer serves me and it feels good to have reached that conclusion which is my resolution for 2013.

I am making this a big and fun trip and hope to take others along with me.  The initiative is also for local charity in Mallorca and will be known as “Kilos 4 Food” and everyone who wishes to can play!

So, for every kilo I lose, I am looking for sponsors to donate kilos of food to those who, year long and not just at Christmas, are finding it difficult to make ends meet.  This is a Planet Space campaign, it’s very personal to me too and one of the chosen charities with whom we already collaborate is Mediterranea ONG.

Watch this space!  It starts 1st January, if you want to lose a few kilos and find your own sponsors, jump on board!  If you would like to sponsor me – let me know!

Win-win!  I get to look good, have more energy (!!) and move into my 50s on the 10th January (not a hint but kilos of food gratefully received) for the next few decades of good health.  And people get to feed themselves and their families.  Let’s make our world a better place!


Time to wait

Imagine living in a fragile cage.  Anger, frustration and lack of reason are your house mates.  Living on the edge of sanity and reason your daily experience, trust and confidence unknown to you.  I recently had my first visit to the prison and that was my impression.  It’s a mad world! Fragile because it was like visiting a house of cards, a matter of time before it all tumbles down.  There was a feeling of false cheer, wives and girlfriends were dressed up, the few children on great behaviour, parents and grandparents resigned.  The workers were respectful, I even bumped into someone I haven’t seen for years who was surprised to see me there but relieved when I said I was visiting a friend, he even saved me using a euro for the locker by holding onto my keys!  A neighbour done for drink driving was luckily on the outside doing time but sympathised with the state of the place – cockroach motel as my friend has renamed it.

We all make mistakes but is the justice system in Spain fair?  I can’t speak for other places as this is home to me.  Whilst the corrupt and wicked are running this country along with the banks and corporations, the misguided are doing time in prison.  A day of cold showers, bad cooking, pointless wanderings and too much time on their hands to ponder their situations.  Rules, rules and more rules occupy their minds and keep their families and loved ones in place – not much more for them to do.

Freedom, what’s that?  It has to be the choice we make on dealing with our situations; our attitudes towards what’s happening all around us.  Am I grateful that my life experience doesn’t include this lesson.  It’s a hard one and my sympathies are with the wives and mothers on the outside.