I have been living in Mallorca since 1992 and am blessed to call home the small town of Binissalem in the middle of the island.  I was born in Jamaica to a Welsh father and Jamaican mother, born foreign and was the eternal middle child, complexes and all!  I have overcome all those challenges, added many more and am blessed to be a mother to two awesome young men, still wondering why they chose me and marvelling at how much better it always gets!  Their father, my ex partner, and I manage to co-parent in harmony which I believe is also the reason why our kids have turned out as well as they have – one a talented singer & musician with lots of natural wisdom and humility and the other a peaceful & hardly ever stroppy teen still to find his purpose in life.

I have enjoyed being a celebrant of weddings and naming ceremonies since 2011 – a fluke twist of fate brought me to this profession!  In the autumn of 2015 I completed funeral celebrant training with the UK Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and now get called by Mallorca’s largest funeral directors to offer comfort to those in their hour of need.  In the future I hope to be called upon by the community to offer last rites to those with no religious background, but wishing for a positive message at a sensitive time.

With death a topic I hold dear, I am also a facilitator of the Mallorca Death Café, a monthly gathering with the purpose of making death a part of every day conversation.  Last year I trained with Spanish association, Vinyana, in the spiritual accompaniment of the dying process and more training has been undertaken in bereavement and loss with a special focus on grief.

For those wishing to find out more about weddings, renewal of vows and baby blessings, please visit www.glynisgermancelebrant.com

For those needing spiritual comfort in end of life care or grieving, or needing to organise a funeral or perhaps wishing to understand more about the inevitable, please visit: www.glynisgermanfunerals.com



CREDIT photo: Aimee K Photography






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