Glynis German has been living in Mallorca since 1992 and is blessed to call home the small town of Binissalem in the middle of the island.  Born in Jamaica to a Welsh father and Jamaican mother, Glynis was born foreign and was the eternal middle child, complexes and all!  She has overcome all those challenges, added many more of her own making and is blessed to be mother to two awesome young men, still wondering why her and how much better can it get!

In 2013, Glynis threw caution to the wind, gave up her well paid job and followed her dreams to be her own perfect employee.  A twist of fate delivered a mountain top mansion and the Binissalem Peace Centre was born.  As with all good things, it came to an end when the owner came home, but with dreams easily coming true, Glynis turned her hand to the next project.

The Happiness Café radio show was born and since June 2014, Glynis has been hosting this weekly radio show sharing positive news, local what’s on and shouting it out for special people and causes all over the globe.  Each week a different guest joins her to talk about the why of what they do and guests have included earth guardians, scientists, doctors and therapists, artists and writers, vegan warriors and peace makers.

Glynis had already discovered the joy of being a celebrant of weddings and naming ceremonies since 2011 and in the autumn of 2015 she completed a funeral celebrant training with the UK Fellowship of Celebrants.  With death a topic she holds dear, Glynis is also a facilitator of the Mallorca Death Café, a monthly gathering with the purpose of making death a part of every day conversation.  Glynis also volunteers at the palliative care unit at the Juan March Hospital in Mallorca with local charitable association, Dime.

If you would like to be a guest at the Happiness Café or join Glynis at the next Mallorca Death Café or if you need a celebrant, then please get in touch.  If you want a laugh, just click on the link below and watch Glynis try her hand at stand up comedy!


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