Capsula Mundi – a new design

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Designers, Raoul and Anna

A recent guest at the Happiness Café was Raoul Bretzel of Capsula Mundi, a design company from Italy changing the face of western burial practises.  Raoul and his colleague Anna Citelli, have worked in the world of design in Italy for many years, winning prizes for innovative furniture designs many times.

However, back in 2003, they turned their attention to a design that hasn’t been touched for hundreds of years, namely the coffin.  In their journey to create a design that is at once both healthy and sustainable, they created a pod, the capsule.

They designed a life sized pod in which the corpse sits, in a foetal position, and which is then placed in the ground and a tree planted on top.  There is a mini sized pod for ashes which will be planted in the same way, thereby creating a forest of trees brought to life by bodies…

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