Petró Kohut – Lucky Bodies, Happy Souls

At The Happiness Café, there’s always an interesting guest!

Just Glynis - Radio Show

Petró Kohut

My guest, Petró Kohut, is an Australian with a Ukranian background presently settled in Mallorca and a really great guy!  He is co founder of Lucky Bodies, Happy Souls, an holistic centre in Palma offering Rolfing, yoga and naprapathy (yes I hear you say, what?!  Got to get that practitioner on the show), amongst other great services.

We talked about Rolfing structural integration and I learned that people who work at their desks all day would be wise to pop along to Petró for a consultation.  Petró is a man who walks his talk.  By that I mean he not only offers a service that is useful, important and possibly life changing, but he also has a gentle wisdom about him to steer one into a way that is more beneficial.  Alas, there was no time to give me a quick structural adjustment in the studio, but since our chat…

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