I do!

Courtesy of Violetta Minnick Photography

Courtesy of Violetta Minnick Photography

Testimonials from some of the couples I was honoured to marry this summer:

We cannot thank you enough – from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for being a part of our magical wedding day.   It could not have gone better. You calmed my nerves and made the ceremony so so memorable. We’re forever grateful for that.   You will always be our friend, lots of love.  Danielle & Neil Beswick (9th May 2014)

Querida Glynis no tengo palabras para agradecerte todo lo que hiciste por nosotros el sábado. Conseguiste que disfrutara de la ceremonia más de lo que pueda describir, y eso que no las tenía todas conmigo por aquello de los nervios… pero lo lograste. Hiciste que el día más feliz de mi vida fuera, además, el día más entrañable que hemos podido compartir con nuestros familiares y amigos. GRACIAS de todo corazón. Jamás podré agradecerte lo suficiente tu esfuerzo. No dudes que, tanto Toni como yo misma te vamos a recomendar a todos nuestros amigos y conocidos. Hiciste que nuestra boda fuera impresionante!!  Mil gracias, AMIGA  Toni y Maki (24th May 2014)

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for being such a huge part of our special day in Mallorca.  We are truly honoured to have met you and having you marry us was absolutely perfect and Something that will live with us forever.  You are welcome at Mr & Mrs Bruce’s whenever you are in the UK and please promise us you will keep in touch.  All our love – Sophie & Matt (30th May 2014)

For me, the groom, standing at the front waiting for my bride could easily have been a daunting situation.  Not only did Glynis remind me that it was the brides perogative to be late on her big day, she managed to put myself and my best man at ease and even made us laugh.  The way Glynis structured the ceremony made sure it was all about us and what we were all there for.  She helped us every step of the way with our vows as well.  Meeting Glynis before the big day so that she could learn more about us was a wonderful experience.  We were both surprised to be overcome with emotion as she asked us poignant questions that really resonated with us, reminding us why we were meant to be together.  During the ceremony, we were reminded of many of these points which added a depth to the service.  Aside from that, it was the little things that were the big things – Glynis was constantly available to us in the lead up to the big day, she created a folder to read from that matched our colour scheme and she made us both feel relaxed that it would all run smoothly!  We would absolutely recommend Glynis for weddings. Our wedding ceremony was a colourful celebration and Glynis knew exactly the tone and combination of humour and sentiment we were after.  Emily said last night that she wanted to do it all over again – 6 months is may be a little soon to renew our vows but maybe one day!  Lots of love Emily & Josh (31st May 2014)

We both feel that the ceremony Glynis provided was the epitome of love. The readings and words that Glynis spoke were of truth, love, friendship, laughter and everything we feel a marriage should be based on. To have a celebrant embrace that and also deliver it in a way which made not only myself and my husband, but all our guests emotional, resulted in tears of joy as the ceremony was personal – and personal to us – and we cannot thank Glynis enough for that.   Glynis’s job was not made easy in trying to get to know us prior to our ceremony as we live in Australia. We emailed frequently and spoke about what we like to do and how we met, but Glynis also followed this with a series of Skype conversations which were so relaxed and comfortable we knew we were entering into the ceremony at total ease with a lady who respected our values and believed in our love.  Glynis will give you a ceremony that is about you, about your relationship, about your growth and values not something out of a textbook.  If you want a personal ceremony with heartfelt messages throughout, Glynis is your girl!  She is such a lovely lady who felt part of the family, who relaxed us and who you can talk to openly as if you have known her for years. We hope to see Glynis again and would recommend anybody having a Mallorca wedding to use her.  Lorraine & James (20th June 2014)

The thing we liked most about the ceremony was how relaxed it was, we always wanted an informal/personal service and this was well and truly achieved because of you. On a individual note you also helped to keep my nerves at bay by spending that time with me and Pete before the service started.  We felt you definitely got to know us. I think that meeting up before the wedding in April and spending those few hours chatting over coffee was fantastic, not only did it give you a chance to see what we were all about it also gave us a chance to get to know the person that would marry us, it’s an important decision and after meeting you it was an easy one to make. The fact the you included a little bit about us and the extended family in the service made it all the more personal, it was as if a well known friend was marrying us.  We would 100% recommend you………. we don’t think of you as our celebrant we think of you as our friend and someone who we will see again and again on our visit to the island.   Richard & Lynsey (10th October 2014)

What we loved the most was the professional and yet very informal way in which the ceremony was conducted, involving the whole family.  Beyond doubt it was very important that the celebrant got to know us, and from our emails, phone call and meeting for coffee, we both felt very comfortable with yourself, and it felt like talking to a true friend. We hope to remain in contact with you,as a friend,and should we be lucky enough to come to Mallorca again,we would certainly like to meet again as friends do.  We would both strongly recommend yourself to any couple for marriage or renewal, and we are both so very grateful to you for making our day so very special,and hopefully we will see you again.  Look after yourself and enjoy your life on the beautiful Island of Mallorca.  Vince and Yvonne (11th October 2014, renewal of vows)

I was honoured to be part of their big day and I look forward to their news in the years to come!




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