The Good Life


Nomadic intern Betty and the wonderful Daniela enjoying ourselves in the sun!

Nomadic intern Betty and the wonderful Daniela enjoying ourselves in the sun!

I am happy in Mallorca and this year celebrates 22 years since I have been living here.  It’s easy to be happy here.  The island is a constant place of beauty – from its Serra de Tramuntana range recognised to be a World Heritage site to the coast, to the mountains, to the plains as well as the villages and towns that make up this wonderful island and community.  This is home and my heart is in Binissalem, the home I always longed for since I was a child.

We had left Jamaica in 1966 on a banana boat bound for England.  It was time to go, the opposing political party was in power and it made sense to my parents.  I remember my father would always say to me “remember you’re a Jamaican” but I didn’t feel Jamaican, nor did I feel Welsh.  This was an issue for me in terms of being from somewhere but I am now happy to say, “I was born foreign!”  I have adapted to wherever life has taken me and I have fit in wherever I was and now Binissalem is where my heart is and my boys.

Since I started my sabbatical last summer to work on my life’s purpose, so much has happened and continues to happen.  Within all of this I am learning patience.  I liken my life now to having planted a seed.  Unfortunately I am not sure if it is an almond, a rose or a lettuce but I keep on watering it!  The end result can either take years to grow or I’ll eat it soon enough and have to plant another or even I’ll appreciate it’s beauty and fragrance and then watch it fade away.  All have their pluses and the minuses are very little compared to the process of getting there!  I am enjoying the journey immensely and I am so glad to have this opportunity to stay away from the madness and stress and enjoy Mallorca in its spring beauty!

Who could ask for more?  A car that works – God bless her; friends to share a journey and people to meet on the way – and so that was Monday’s excursion which took in Valldemossa, Son Marroig and the Port of Soller with good friends Betty Steinhauer and Daniela Nunzia Morrone.  Along the way I met Mandy and Stephen from Liverpool whom I shall have the honour of marrying in June there in the port and we saw Aimee K who will be their photographer!

Next Monday’s excursion will take in Lluc Monastery and then lunch in Pollensa or maybe Formentor – depends on the laughs and where we end up!  Catherine, one of the mums from second born’s school will take the place of Daniela who goes back to UK today!

I have a good life, I am blessed and I am happy.  And the good news is I am doing my stand-up comedy!  I have performed on a coach from Inca to Sa Pobla recently as well as for those who attended the International Women’s Day event wonderfully organised by Vicki McLeod and Kay Newton at Moods Portals!  I have UK’s best comedy teacher coming next week to impart 3 comedy courses and I shall be performing on Sunday 23rd March at Botiga de Buffons in Palma!  Come see me and come see Logan and his students perform in what is going to be a cracker of a night!  See you there!



Serra de Tramuntana

Son Marroig – worth a visit!

Aimee K Photography

Randemar Restaurant – good for lunch!

Britain’s best comedy teacher –

More about the courses and show –




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