Keeping positive

Which direction?

Which direction?

It’s all go in my head and the voices don’t stop chatting, so much is going on!  I cannot believe that January shot by and yet what a great start to a new year.  I came back from London and spending quality time with my dear mother Patricia.  I celebrated 52yrs young.  We had our St Antoni bonfire and mud abounded in my house for days afterwards.  The Peace Centre project wounded down slowly but morphs into something new, something mysterious, can’t quite pin my finger on it though.  However, I can see for now that I am due elsewhere and so say adieu.

We celebrated a special new moon at the end of January and I felt it’s power propelling me onto the road ahead which after decades of “road closed due to road works” is open again.  My car has a half tank of petrol and there’s a gas station up ahead ready to fill me up for the next journey.  How exciting is that!  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I realised that yes it can,yes it can!

What I am realising is that the chorus of voices (yup, I know, I admit it, I hear them loud and clear) can cheer me up or tear me down.  It’s up to me to choose which ones I listen to and I know which ones I prefer.  The tearer downers can have their space as they give a little comedy to it all and I like comedy.  “Useless old cow” is one of their favourite expressions but the cheerer uppers shout them down with “sassy and sexy bird” and I’ll go with that!  If I’m going to be likened to a creature then I want to be the one that soars above all this and gets the birdeye view of what is possible.

I am sharing a TEDx talk by Devon Harris, Jamaican athlete and member of the bobsled team that took Jamaica to the Winter Olympics in 1998.  The voices were not only in his head but all around when they decided to compete in a sport with no history at all on my island of birth.  They were loud, obnoxious voices at times, deriding and sneering when they felt like it.  He and his team mates heard them, most probably cowered from them, possibly even believed them at times but it didn’t stop them from training, competing and going back for more in other years.  What an inspiration he is!  He has six rules by which he lives his life and I have these printed out now:

1.    Decide what you want

2.    Take responsibility for your life

3.    Be clear about your why

4.    Believe it is possible

5.    Take action

6.    Keep pushing

Thank you Mr Harris, I am going for it.  This year of the horse is to see me graceful in all that I do, strong and focussed and in control of my life and my head.

Keep those thoughts positive folks – the other voices can hang out there, maybe in time they’ll start to listen!  Good journey to all!

Talk by Devon Harris –




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