Festas Sant Antoni – Out of the fire…

Visit of the demons

Visit of the demons

It’s that time of year and just when we thought we couldn’t celebrate any more festivities, St Anthony and St Sebastian were with us again!  As with most villages and towns across Mallorca, Binissalem celebrated Sant Antoni with bonfires and demonis on Saturday night and my street was no exception!  This year the council delivered the earth pile in front of my door the day before, obviously over-time pay for the council workers has been cut!  We then enjoyed the game of “hide the traffic cones and watch people drive into our street only to back out again” all weekend!   Then it was up to us to organise firewood, friends and fun – which my neighbour and I did with gusto!

The significance behind this saint’s day is principally the blessing of domestic animals.  Now this is great if you don’t mind hysterical dogs and cats being dragged against their will to wait for the priest to come out of the church and throw holy water over them.  Personally my animals have always been nervous around bangers and fireworks so we stay home for that part of the fiestas!

My favourite bit is the bonfire and as this symbolises purification and renewal of life, triumph of good over bad I can totally relate to it with all that is going on for me this year!  I am certainly in full swing of life changes and as is par for the course the temptations to do nothing at the same time is very strong in me!  In this sense then, the visit of the demonis to our street was a welcome reminder to resist the temptation to do nothing with my life, so here I go, one step at a time.   It was a trifle disappointing however to see how the crisis and the cuts meant that their visit lasted much less than last year and I do believe only one banger was let off and just one mouthful of petrol taken to show off their dragon skills!

However, the message of this celebration is clear to me – we are still up for partying, crisis or no crisis and Sant Antoni has to be the best one of them!  What could be better – organise a bonfire, invite your friends, get them to bring their own supper (I’m a vegetarian!) and offer dessert – ginger cake and strawberry cake this time!  My only mistake was to leave my front door open and as it rained this weekend too, my house now looks like the demonis stayed for the weekend!  Oh well, off to clean!

Enjoy your year everyone!  Take time to make changes where necessary, find the enjoyment in all that you do including the rain and the mud and try to share of yourself – family and friends are more important than a clean house!  See you all at mine next year!


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