Autumn news from Binissalem Peace Centre


Photo Permacultura Mediterranea

My new best friends!

We are more than halfway through Autumn, almost into Winter, the rains are still with us and what a season it has been.  We had long and sunny days till the clocks fell back in October.  We saw the collection of the olives and managed to press 13kgs collected into 1ltr of virgin olive oil – we’re saving that for a special occasion!  We saw the departure of some volunteers and veteran volunteer Claire and I decided the time was right for study.

Our first course saw us sign up for Amics de la Terra Mallorca’s morning workshop on vegetable gardens and composting!  The course was truly the start of a new journey.  The organisers had gone to great lengths to make it as enjoyable as possible and I was struck by the family atmosphere they managed to create with the 20 or so participants who previously had not known the other.  The course facilitator, Lynda, was knowledgable and informative and Rebeca from Amics de la Terra a treasure!

From that Claire and I signed up for a weekend permaculture course organised by Permacultura Mediterránea and what a weekend that was!  The course facilitator was the world reknowed permaculturist Rosemary Morrow from Australia so a double treat was had as the course was also in English!  I spent the weekend with knowledgable, interesting, fun and giving people – these are my new best friends!  I was so excited to go back on the Sunday that I was giggling and acting like a kid in a sweet shop on the way there, armed with home-made ginger cake to win their favour!

The wealth of knowledge shared over that weekend, not only by the course facilitators and members of Permacultura Mediterranea but also by the talented participants was impressive.  So many initiatives and interesting projects are happening in Mallorca and over half the people on the course were either launching their own project or were well established in an alternative way of life here on the island.  Educators and teachers are introducing permaculture in schools and there are now vegetable gardens becoming part of the school way of life all across the island.

Mallorca is an exciting place to be right now!  There is so much happening here that it’s a pleasure to be part of it.  It is refreshing to meet people who are committed to giving back to this island and who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge.  I know that when I put the word out to my new friends to come help clear the acequias – irrigation ditches – the response will be positive!  Watch this space!

So Claire is busy mulching and preparing the lasagne market garden as well as collecting firewood and keeping the fires stoked up at the Peace Centre.  I am putting structure to the project, rewriting the mission and vision, working on the content of the web page and organising courses.  This weekend we are launching the first meeting of the New Woman’s Alliance Mallorca with the aim to look at ways to embrace this emerging alternative world whilst making a commitment to move away from a competitive world for the good of all.  I look forward to sharing news with you again soon!


For courses and for replanting Mallorca: Amics de la Terra Mallorca

For courses: Permacultura Mediterranea

Books on permaculture by Rosemary Morrow:


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