Llum, luz, light

Let there be light in our hearts and minds

Let there be light in our hearts and minds

Today second born started a new school.  He had been a pupil at this school when it first started in 2007 and was one of the first pupils there but in late 2008 we changed him for reasons I now cannot remember.  The last two months have been a struggle for me to make a decision for him and to accommodate a change that he is very much resisting.  He doesn’t want to leave his friends at his last school but he is moving up a grade and it is time for change.  However, today started with light at the end of the tunnel and I feel grateful to this small, alternative, holistic school for the welcome.

Second born was worried about being the only new kid on the block and whilst he is the only new one in his class there are 9 others in various middle school classes who were nervous this morning.  The day starts with an aubada, a gathering of all in which a story or poem can be told, songs sung and a moment’s silence enjoyed before the start of the school day.

Today was no exception.  Whilst the regulars got ready and the newbies waited anxiously outside, the time came for us to go in, one by one and my boy was the first to enter.  His new teacher came to the door to receive him, shake his hand, look him in the eyes and tell him “welcome”.  They then went through to the circle in which there was a candle, lit, waiting.  He was given a smaller candle to light from the big one and set beside it.  This went on for all the new children.

How beautiful I thought that there exists a place where the moment is just that, a moment.  In this case the moment was filled with love and wonder and above all the significance of light – the light of the divine, the light within, the light around us.

I am waiting till 2pm to pick him up and see how it went, but as I have been asking my dad to keep an eye on him from the light, I have a feeling it will be fine.

Let there be light in the darkest places within us all and let light shine on this world.

Om shanti.

For more information on the school which is a holistic approach to learning and based on the individual and values visit them at http://www.sallavor.es



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