Bon viatge Jana


Janaina enjoying a winter’s day in Palma last December

In December last year I had one of those meetings of like minds and what a pleasure that was.  I had missed meeting this Brazilian beauty when she had visited in the previous summer but December decided that it was time for us to share a coffee and get to know each other.  Janaina had come from London with the instructions from our mutual friend Maria Candida to get in touch with me.  She called me at an exciting moment in my life and I soon discovered that she too was at an exciting moment in her own.  In this conversation we connected immediately, like old friends do when they haven’t spoken for a long while.  That was her – easy to talk to, friendly, sunny, happy, just a great energy all round and of course I had to get to know her!

We met in Sta Catalina and sat outside one of the many busy cafés and chatted easily.  What I immediately loved about Janaina, apart from her stunning smile and easy nature, was that she was eager and enthusiastic about life and invested in the beauty of it.  I told her about my latest idea in which I was committing to losing weight from 1st January and how my idea was a little bit more crazy than just dieting!  I planned to invite people to donate food for the hungry in Mallorca every time I lost a kilo.  I was used to receiving all sorts of reactions to this idea, from loud guffaws, to support by pledging food but from Janaina she was immediately on board and going to support me from her learnings about nutrition and she was going to treat me like a client but not charge me – how awesome was she!  I was hooked by her enthusiasm and we arranged to meet again.

Boxing Day was our next encounter and I took her along to a little party at my boss’ home and she fit in like a hand in a glove there!  I introduced her to good friends – Jo, Sue, Sylvia, Daniela, Sam, Kay, Hayley – to mention a few and of course their husbands.  I remember my boss looking over at her and wistfully but jokingly say to his son “what do you think about your new stepmother?”  She was a beauty alright but that rare beauty that is not in the physical but in the ethereal sense – almost divine.

She met my sons and we came back to my home and read the Osho cards.  I am no expert of card reading but I remember how excited we both were at what lay ahead and she was positive and in tune with her surroundings in this new stage of her life.  We arranged to have our first consultation in the next days and I met her at her home in Palma.

At this consultation I was struck by her unwavering support.  She was different to other practitioners I had ever met in that she was invested in me and my path.  I remember feeling supported in a gentle way and at one point she gave me a valuable tip and one I shall forever treasure.  She told me that when out walking, when taking the time to meditate the nature around me, I could begin to see myself physically how I wanted to be ie losing the weight I was setting out to lose.  More importantly though she told me I could love the Glynis I was here and now.  She told me to see every bit of me and love it all and in loving me I could make room for a newer me, the slimmer me I wanted to be.

We made plans that she would continue to treat me, she would come shopping with me the following week, she would even be delighted to come and show me how to cook in a more healthy manner.  Janaina was there for the long haul of my weight loss and she was invested in me – the future was there in that moment on the 28th December 2012 – we were more than nutritionist and patient, we were friends.

We emailed over the next couple of days and on the 31st December Janaina had a heart attack and from that day until yesterday lay in a different state of being.  She garnered an incredible support of love and light from all over the world.  She was supported by the unwavering love of her family and friends.  People who had met her once meditated for her as they had been touched by that one, fleeting moment of her.  Even people who hadn’t met her felt touched by her.  She was love.  She is light.  She has left this place now, this earthly dwelling and I believe she has spent the last 8 months creating magic and wonder.  She touched my life for sure.  I lost weight without really trying because she taught me some basic nutrition but more than that, she invited me to look at myself differently, with love rather.  That was the Janaina I met briefly – an earth angel who was love and who shared that with all who met and knew her.

Janaina, thank you for your inspiration – you were a joy to be with, your smile lifted up a hundred thousand heavy hearts – be happy.


One thought on “Bon viatge Jana

  1. Beautiful story of a beautiful person Glynis – and I’m sure she will live on through you and her other contacts she met in this world and with the sharing of these words inspire new hope and self love for many people.


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