Summer loving

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I do!  Words to make me smile and feel good inside.  When we say these words, we open ourselves to a world filled with possibilities and maybe we shouldn’t limit saying these words in a wedding ceremony for magic to happen in our lives.

I enjoy my work as a wedding celebrant in Mallorca and love being a part of a day in which the highest degree of positivity is guaranteed. I insist on meeting the couple beforehand as I like my involvement to be more than just the day of the wedding. This gives me time to personalise the ceremony to fit with their beliefs and characters.

Here is a sample from the ceremony and my thoughts on marriage:

“Marriage is a commitment where two people create and contribute to a relationship based on peace, love and happiness.  In such a relationship, it becomes easy for both to value themselves so that in their giving, they are able to receive, without expectations of the other.  Both partners have their individual freedom to make positive choices based on their values.  In this way, each is free to realize that their loved one is not there to fulfill their needs but to support their growth in an atmosphere of respect, trust, cooperation and joy.   Marriage is the journey to discover the ways in which to grow and appreciate that life is to be lived and learned”.

I see my role as a sort of advisor too. I warn them to expect ups and downs, moments when they can’t cope with themselves anymore and where it is easy to blame their partner. A good marriage has a solid foundation and I remind the couple that values applied to themselves and what they wish for opens all sorts of constant magic between them, no matter what the situation.


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