Love is in the air

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Looking good!

What makes summer the perfect time to flirt, fall in love or even tie the knot?  The days are longer, the sun almost always shines (if you live in Spain that is!) and people smile a lot more.

To escape from the heat, we spend long days in the shade but come night fall if you are worth your weight in village gold, then you take your fold up chair and place it outside your house and spend hours into the night chatting with your neighbours and watching the world go by.

One wouldn’t imagine that love was possible from outside your front door on a village street where cars pass by occasionally, but love is there if you look hard enough.

Love of the cooler night air, love of the bonding and community that makes up having the perfect neighbours.  Love even of the little snacks offered between homes and love of the different pets who sit with their owners, yapping if they so desire or an occasional growl if the need arises.

So no new summer romance for me… yet!  But loving to love keeps me sane and preparing for a wedding tomorrow makes me excited.  One couple are spending today nervously preparing to tie the knot and I shall be there as their wedding celebrant, filled with love and wonder!

Happy days – viva el verano!


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