Life on holiday

Away from the madding crowds - keeping it a secret!!

Away from the madding crowds – keeping it a secret!!

It’s now a month since I parted company with my wonderful old employers at Planet Space.  I have since been to London to celebrate a year on from my dad’s passing.  We held a special memorial in Clapham and it was great to meet so many new siblings!  He was a father to many and to hear young adults remember their first meeting with him when they were young teens was an honour and a treat.  My mother was a natural comedian and had us all in stitches recounting some of his early life stories when we weren’t even a twinkle in their eyes.

First born played a Bob Marley song on the guitar and sang and brought the house down and all in all, the week’s trip to UK was a time to heal and get closer to my real sibs!  Thanks to my sistas for some powerful moments.

I came back to Mallorca with the intention of taking it easy in July and August but life has a way of changing your plans.  My first powerful example of manifestation happened on the 12th July when I received an out of the blue email with a most precious and generous gift – use of a finca to set up my centre for self transformation through learning!  This project was scheduled for September onwards and included looking for a finca in which to set up a centre.  As that manifestation was so easy, I had fun playing around with other requests and so far I have found some amazing people who are eager to get involved.  The quality of people who are coming into my life right now are bright, creative, positive, focussed and I am excited with what’s ahead.

I had the stand up comedy course last weekend and what fun we had.  Logan Murray came over once again to facilitate the course and although we were 9 signed up, 2 dropped out at the last minute.  That didn’t detract from spending a weekend with 6 other creative people and having so much fun.  It was a great group and although this was the 3rd time I have done the workshop, this group differed in that the connection was instant from the word go.  Thanks to them for a great weekend and we certainly had fun putting on another great comedy show on the Sunday evening.  The setting was perfect, the crowd was adorable and I look forward to more moments on stage.

Mallorca was on fire in more ways than one and a significant part of the island was affected by a huge fire last weekend.  Luckily no one died but there was alot of personal losses to many.  It has been an interesting observation for me – it wasn’t in my part of the island so I watched from afar.  It was inspiring to see collaboration and teamwork not only from the professionals who are trained in that but from the locals who were ready to step in and help at any time.  The powers of prayer surely helped although rain didn’t come down and temperatures didn’t drop.  My thoughts are with the man who started the fire through his carelessness and I think I will take a lesson from him to be attentive and careful with my actions – in word, thought and deed.

Enjoy your summer!


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