Love story


Lucky mum!

First born came home yesterday.  He’d been away since April, sailed away with the boat back to Valencia and then left that job to go to Barcelona.  There, he wrote and recorded a beautiful song in which he sang and played guitar.  From Barcelona, he looked on line and found a car going to Bilbao for 20€ with 3 others and off he went.  That kind of sums him up really – here, there and everywhere.  But home he came yesterday and wow, how I love that boy!

Second born is asleep on the sofa whilst I write this.  Where does the time go?  He will be 12 in September, ready for year 7 or 1st year secondary school as I used to know it.  He is growing as I write, fever coming down as sleep does its magic.  He challenges me these days with answers to my requests, lippy with it.  The school had me in for an hour’s meeting on Tuesday and I thank God for that school.  The teachers wanted to find a way to reward him and not punish him for recent “growing pains”.  They recognised that he is at that age of change, hormones starting their journey of confusion and rage and they want to guide him to where they know him, where they know the best of him.  Wow, how I love that boy!

I never planned these two and I never imagined being a mother.  Here I am, chosen by these two incredible beings to share their lives, rightly or wrongly along the way.  How I love that gift – thank you.

The school where second born goes is Escola Global – thoroughly recommended for seeing the individual that is your child.


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