Clutching at straws, or more?

Open world ahead!

Open world ahead!

Only 3 more weeks then I finish the day job with no other one lined up!  Scary?  You bet my fat bum it is!  Why oh why didn’t I read the small print?  “Do not give up your day job” was what it said, but being a spontaneous, grab the moment by it’s tail, kind of woman I ignored the small print!

How do I feel?  Well this week has been a challenge to say the least.  Freaked out, am I doing the right thing, excited, scared, all and more of these crazy feelings have been coursing through my life and my head as the end looms large.  I imagine that that is why I have the most amazing women in my life to support me.  This time the lovely Marie, my mentor for volunteering from DIME offered to give me an Akashic Record session at her lovely home.  Although she had asked me to prepare some questions, I had forgotten to do that but not to worry, there was still time to ponder a few over a cup of tea.

I have known that Marie does the Akashic Records for about a year now and have been intrigued ever since.  Don’t forget that I grew up with a Jamaican grandmother who gifted horoscopes for birthdays so anything to do with reading the stars, palms, cards etc is in my blood.  So what is the Akashic Record?  They say that the “Record” is about working with the life force as it is revealed, that we are not in control of the revelation, but we are responsible for managing ourselves throughout the process.  Obviously there is much more to it but this session with Marie felt just right.  There was a confirmation for me that I am doing the right thing by leaving my job with not one to go to but instead armed with plans and ideas and dreams.  I felt a sense of peace being with Marie for the reading and I felt secure with there being no magical wand to wave as such but just an intuitive knowledge that yes, this is right.  I still wake up in the night sweating and screaming but I am training myself to use those moments to act out an as yet unwritten Scary Movie 51!!  Neighbours have complained but I make them cakes and everyone’s happy.

So, my friends, don’t give up your day job – I am sure there must be an easier way to make changes in our lives but I was never one for doing things the easy way.  However, live your dreams and don’t dream your lives – tomorrow is another day, enjoy this one today!

One thing I do know is that I shall now have the time to go back to volunteering with DIME and be able to visit the palliative care unit at the Joan March Hospital and do my bit for visiting those with a terminal illness and their families.



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