Home sweet home

I have often heard people referring to Mallorca as the rock – back on the rock, leaving the rock etc and I must say that Mallorca is to me a slice of paradise and not a mere rock.  I was in London recently visiting my wonderful, wise mother Patricia.  I went with second born as it was his half term from school and of course didn’t coincide with anyone else’s half term in the UK!  Oh well, we knew that before we got there!  I saw family, not all of them but my two brothers and nephews, niece, great niece and nephew and even took in an art exhibition of another nephew too.  It was a relaxing week not doing a lot but spending time with my mum which was the point of the visit.  I caught up with old friends which always cheers me as we go back right to my childhood with the very best of them.  No time to see everyone but we’ll be back in July for honouring my father’s life with a cultural extravaganza never seen before as my brother Deuan puts it!  Keep the 6th July free please-

Coming home back to Mallorca made me feel excited, happy, appreciative of my home in the town of Binissalem.  It truly is a home sweet home to me and the welcome from my neighbours and friends reminded me how lucky I am to live in paradise.

London and Britain have lots to offer, don’t get me wrong and it might still be an option in the future, I really don’t know anymore.  But Mallorca is home – it’s my local community made up of neighbours, good friends, work colleagues, bosses and their families, customers, acquaintances and of course my two wonderful sons.  It can’t get better than that or can it?


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