Jump into January!

What a great start to a new year!  Living in a small town in Mallorca certainly helps and Binissalem was prepared with New Year’s Eve in the town square and partying till the early hours.  

My “Kilos for Food Mallorca” project has been positively received and although my dear life style coach Janaina is no longer in the land of the conscious having suffered a massive heart attack on New Year’s Eve (she is still in a coma), I hear her whilst shopping and preparing my food and feel confident I can follow her instructions.  She and I had already started the programme beforehand and I look forward to her full recovery – will keep you posted.

As far as the project goes, I am eating healthily and well, walking daily with Maggie, my son’s beautiful crazy pup although she has been kidnapped by his friends a few days ago and they don’t want to bring her back.  I take the neighbour’s dog Lola out instead!  I weighed myself on the 31st December and was not too happy to see I was actually 87.3kgs and not the 84kgs I thought I was!  I shall weigh myself again on the 31st January and thereby be able to tell my sponsors how many kilos I will have lost and roll on kilos for food for those in need in Mallorca!  I have about a dozen sponsors so far and anyone can sign up and sponsor me – go to http://www.planetspace.es and fill out the sponsor form or check out the facebook page “Kilos por Comida Mallorca / Kilos for Food Mallorca 2013”

One of my other goals to aim for this year is to be a vessel of love – sounds good but what does it mean?  I am determined to be grateful for all that I have and give thanks every day to the abundance of family, friends, good health, fortune and fun that accompanies me.  So far so good and this past weekend showed me what great neighbours I have!  Yolanda opposite, who has only lived there for a year, asked whether we were doing a bonfire for St Anthony night and I said we’d never done it before but heck, why not!  We have a narrow street mind you and this could have been a great opportunity to call the bomberos if we had burned our houses down (boyfriend material I was thinking for me and my bezzie Jo).  Success, all the neighbours joined in, friends were called, our street was closed off for 3 days and party time!  Simple fun.  It even rained but that didn’t stop us and now we are preparing for more street parties – birthdays, saints days, summer barbecues and September’s wine festival is going to be huge for us.  No health and safety to stop us here in Mallorca as we dangle lights out of our windows, cook meat on an open fire, dance to loud music till the early hours – I love this town!

I said goodbye to the first born as I dropped him off at the ferry last week to go over to Valencia to work on a yacht.  I surprised myself and cried alone in the car when I saw him push his bike and carry the laptop, guitar, back pack, skateboard and suitcase with him!  And how wonderful is it that he is calling me every couple of days to chat and tell me how it’s going – thank you God for that young man, he is a credit to you.  Second born is growing up and adolescence looms with back chat to his mum.  I have to remind myself to think of his qualities and not let the teenage hormones get me down.  My mantra is that he is creative, kind, independent minded and full of spirit with a curious way about him.  I ask for patience and lots of it.

So, to help me lose my kilos I ask the angels to help me stay away from the wrong foods and even though I was going to”treat” myself to a glass of cava on St Anthony, I took one sip and yeuch – too much sugar.  I also visualise the new improved Glynis but never without thanking the Glynis that is who has been good to have but time to let go.  Thank you my dear angels for the support.

Watch this space – I am excited, I am happy, I am 51 years young and so looking forward to this decade of personal freedom.

May you all enjoy the moment this year brings you. 


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