Yummy mummy!

Yummy mummy!

It’s that time again, time when we are all having fun with a guilty feel to it, rushing towards a new year in which we make all sorts of resolutions.  But how long do they last and why do we set ourselves up like this only to fail in a very short time?

I am feeling very good with myself and so excited too as in mid December I made up my mind that 2013 is going to be even better and more fun than 2012!  I am finally committing to losing 10 kilos in weight that no longer serves me and it feels good to have reached that conclusion which is my resolution for 2013.

I am making this a big and fun trip and hope to take others along with me.  The initiative is also for local charity in Mallorca and will be known as “Kilos 4 Food” and everyone who wishes to can play!

So, for every kilo I lose, I am looking for sponsors to donate kilos of food to those who, year long and not just at Christmas, are finding it difficult to make ends meet.  This is a Planet Space campaign, it’s very personal to me too and one of the chosen charities with whom we already collaborate is Mediterranea ONG.

Watch this space!  It starts 1st January, if you want to lose a few kilos and find your own sponsors, jump on board!  If you would like to sponsor me – let me know!

Win-win!  I get to look good, have more energy (!!) and move into my 50s on the 10th January (not a hint but kilos of food gratefully received) for the next few decades of good health.  And people get to feed themselves and their families.  Let’s make our world a better place!


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