Time to wait

Imagine living in a fragile cage.  Anger, frustration and lack of reason are your house mates.  Living on the edge of sanity and reason your daily experience, trust and confidence unknown to you.  I recently had my first visit to the prison and that was my impression.  It’s a mad world! Fragile because it was like visiting a house of cards, a matter of time before it all tumbles down.  There was a feeling of false cheer, wives and girlfriends were dressed up, the few children on great behaviour, parents and grandparents resigned.  The workers were respectful, I even bumped into someone I haven’t seen for years who was surprised to see me there but relieved when I said I was visiting a friend, he even saved me using a euro for the locker by holding onto my keys!  A neighbour done for drink driving was luckily on the outside doing time but sympathised with the state of the place – cockroach motel as my friend has renamed it.

We all make mistakes but is the justice system in Spain fair?  I can’t speak for other places as this is home to me.  Whilst the corrupt and wicked are running this country along with the banks and corporations, the misguided are doing time in prison.  A day of cold showers, bad cooking, pointless wanderings and too much time on their hands to ponder their situations.  Rules, rules and more rules occupy their minds and keep their families and loved ones in place – not much more for them to do.

Freedom, what’s that?  It has to be the choice we make on dealing with our situations; our attitudes towards what’s happening all around us.  Am I grateful that my life experience doesn’t include this lesson.  It’s a hard one and my sympathies are with the wives and mothers on the outside.


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