Being a catalyst for change

It’s hard to stay away from the fact that everything is constantly changing
around us.  Seasons change and in Britain, autumn is a photographer’s
paradise as shown by UK based friends posting glorious photos of the leaves
turning and lush green landscapes.  Autumn has long been referred to as a
second Spring here in Mallorca and lambs frolicking in fields hint at this.
We’ve just seen the clocks fall back in Europe and here in Spain is no
exception – mind you I can’t remember it always being so in my 20 years

This week I seem to have been a catalyst of change at work and today has
been an inspiration for me to continue to be more and to do more.  Firstly,
having the real honour to be surrounded by great bosses and colleagues, I
bless myself with having the best job yet.  Secondly, seeing my boss Peter
who has been a working fella for 40+ years open to change is awesome!  And
all thanks to me grabbing an opportunity with the charming Dr James Rieley
( to honour his side of a bargain made to share with us his
leadership skills and knowledge.  Watch this space as I promise myself that
from now on at work, I really am going to do more of the good things and
less of the ones that haven’t been working – in my case wasting

Changes at second born’s school might prove to be for the best in the long
run but for now I shall patiently wait and see.  And lastly,  I have taken the plunge and
announced to my bosses and colleagues that I plan on leaving the company
next year to return to the UK after 20yrs of living in Spain.  It’s a big
step – I have to find the best secondary school for the second born;
somewhere to live; an income to better what I have been used to the past few
years – WOW!  Britain all of a sudden is my oyster – how exciting is that!

Keep the faith friends, it can only get better if you have a vision of it
being so and that’s why going with the flow helps!


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