Saying goodbye and hello to change

Living in a small town on an island, I am used to events in the community which either shock, sadden, amuse or confuse, not just me but the community at large.  This week has seen the demise of some of our senior citizens, one a natural departure, the other – sadly – to a sudden and forced one.  The changes that now face those families will be immense and they will be forced to say hello to the changes happening all around them.

Is there a time when we can put off saying goodbye to change?

Whilst stopping to share a moment with my friend Cati last night in the plaza, we were delighted when the UxB political party showed up with the “bunyols” wagon – greasy, hot, sweet dumplings – cover mine with lots of sugar please!  This is the season to make bunyols and Binissalem is pretty good about it, with stands set up outside people’s homes or at the local bar and last night was no exception in the plaza.  However, UxB were there to collect signatures as our esteemed mayor and company feel that the only way they can deal with their bad management of funds over the past few years is to sell off our water!  So, whilst munching and signing petitions, we are trying to stop change at a level which will see so much socio, economic and cultural devastation if the PP party goes ahead with this absurd plan.  If the mayor and his cronies somehow get away with the privatisation of the water, the economic consequences for the villagers will be huge.  Prices will more than double and we shall be held hostage to a corporation’s piracy.  November 3rd is demo day – see  you outside the Town Hall at 1030 – spread the word!

In my family we have had our own changes and challenges this week.  First born is now living with a good friend in his own apartment in Palma and just started a new job day working on a yacht – could I be saying goodbye to him soon as he goes off on an adventure?  Second born is in the last year of primary and is going through all sorts of changes at school this week, some positive and some just down right confusing and quite unnecessary!

In all of this I am there for them – hopefully a wise and sane constant who at times makes mistakes but who is blessed and honoured to have them choose me to be their mum this time round.

Enjoy your week, embrace each other, and the changes!


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